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EARTHBOUND - The Multispecies Paradigm Shift

Artists, Researchers and You Exploring and Challenging the Anthropocene

2018.09.19 | Anne-Mette Pedersen

Date Wed 26 Sep Fri 28 Sep
Time 08:00    20:00
Location Kasernen, Moesgård and Rødegaard/Vistoft

EARTHBOUND is an international symposium where people will gather around the urgent and universal topic: the state of the planet, and question what climate changes and the so called Anthropocene do to the worldviews and actions of human beings.

With EARTHBOUND we create interdisciplinary meetings which investigate the big changes in our surroundings as well as in the worldviews of humans, and how this affects how we think and act – in the arts spheres, in research and in other societal areas. The Anthropocene is the proposed label of the present geological epoch, where the activities of mankind have become a climate factor with massive impact on the eco systems of the planet and its future geology. The paradigm shift is about how we in the Western world gradually seem to acknowledge that humans indeed are deeply entangled with all other entities. This requires developing ways of living consciously with all creatures of the planet, sharing the same right to live.

The changes of mindset are already seen within both research/science and the arts, in the growing awareness of the necessity of decolonizing, and in the acknowledgment of indigenous knowledge – as well as in various quotidian thoughts and actions. With this paradigm shift we can perhaps move into the future with both new and ancient know-ledge.

EARTHBOUND will unfold in the city of Aarhus and imbed in the countryside of Mols. It takes its participants on a journey through science, art and changing localities, accompanied by three ‘main characters’: Animals, microbes and landscapes.

Our interdisciplinary approach will include lectures on busses, three lecturers meeting in one session, performances as well as performative elements. The food will be from local vegetarian produce and the food concept developed in collaboration with Institute of Meals.

These researchers and artists are part of the programme: Anna Tsing, Adam Bencard, Bo Fritzbøger, Tuija Kokkonen, Anette Vandsø, Elle Márja Eira, Thomas Rosendal, Jessie Kleemann, Angela Rawlings, Birgit Løkke, Lourdes Orozco and others. We invite performing artists, visual artists, biologists, anthropologists, landscape historians, human geographers, philosophers and all other citizens with an interest in this topic to join us.

EARTHBOUND is organized in collaboration with School of Communication & Culture – Aarhus University, AURA – Aarhus University Research on the Anthropocene, Aarhus Performing Arts Platform and Institute of Meals, Ebeltoft.

READ MORE: www.secrethotel.dk or get ticket info here.

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