Embodied Creativity and Interdisciplinary Collaboration (2of3)

2018.02.08 | Anne-Mette Pedersen

Date Fri 20 Apr
Time 09:00 12:00
Location IMC Meeting Room, Jens Chr. Skous Vej 4, Building 1483

This is a hands on workshop, requiring participants to attend all sessions and be willing to do outside practice. Embodied creativity is one name for improvisation, an integrative concept, one that names the agentive action of mind (conscious or trained improvisation), brain (the everyday improvisation of adapting to circumstances), and body (with the ability of a trained self to surprise oneself by what emerges from one’s body). Improvisation often has been excluded from research paradigms in psychology because it appears to fundamentally challenge the notion of a repeatable experiment. We will therefore be playing with methods, experimenting with improvisation practices, and training our attentions together. Drawing on many traditions inside and outside academia, including theatre games, movement scores, experimental ethnography, explicative interviewing (microphenomenology), collaborative experiments, board game design, and mapping exercises.

For anthropological pedagogy, we are interested in learning from improvisation in practice, diverse forms of improvisation, as a form of questioning who is improvising through being put on the spot, in dance, performance, science, and politics, always asking who gets the stage and how, in a form of studying together, that is common and not, critical and social, joyful and unsettling. We are interested as much in "creating new ways of being in the world that challenge structural injustice in creative ways" (Brooks), as we are in inventing new approaches to our disciplines -- which should be the same thing.

The workshop will be led by Visiting Professor Joe Dumit.

We expect you to attend all three workshop days Friday April 13 (9-12), Friday, April 20 (9-12), Thursday, April 26 (9-12)

No more seats available - if you would like to sign up for the waiting list pelase send an email to Anne-Mette Pedersen annemette@cas.au.dk