2017.11.24 | Grants

Velux grant for IMC and Aarhus University

Mette Steenberg receives a 4.2 million grant from the Velux Foundation for the project 'Shared Reading: A human scientific laboratory for literature and social intervention'. The focus of the research project is to explore when and how participation in shared reading groups generates individual and social processes of change for psychologically…

2017.11.22 | Grants

Broken Grammar and Beyond

IMC affiliated Researcher Line Burholt Kristensen (Copenhagen University) has received a DFF Sapere Aude Starting grant (5,9 mio. kr.) from the Independent Research Fund Denmark. Link to presentation About the project (in Danish): Broken Grammar and Beyond Både i dagligdags samtaler og i tekster forekommer der afvigende grammatik,…

2017.11.20 | People

Using 'hot' technologies to understand human behavior

Christine Parsons gave the annual Alumni Lecture for National Science Week in Ireland

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2017.11.15 | Research

Why it's difficult to ignore a baby's cry

Article in Irish Independent elaborates research by Christine Parsons. Study has shown why we respond so swiftly to a baby's cries compared to the tears of an adult.

2017.10.23 | Research

The Puzzle of Danish

Independent Research Fund Denmark has published articles (in Danish) about the research project, directed by Morten Christiansen

2017.10.12 | People , Grants

Can interaction-focused skills training improve social cue integration in adults with autism?

International Postdoc Grant from Independant Research Fund Denmark

2017.10.11 | Grants

IMC to co-design role playing game for the dark dungeons beneath Danish Parliament

Andreas Lieberoth, Assistant Professor at IMC and the Danish School of Education, is part of the consortium of game designers, educators, technologists and researchers, who just won the tender to build a new, stronger and more engaging role-playing experience for the dungeons beneath Christiansborg.  “Politician for one day” has existed for…

2017.09.28 | Publication

The Emergence and Evolution of Religion: By Means of Natural Selection

In the new book 'The Emergence and Evolution of Religion', Armin Geertz and co-authors develop a robust and cross-disciplinary analysis of religion by answering an old question in novel ways

2017.09.26 | Administrative conditions

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Cognitive Neuroscience

Position available at The School of Culture and Society

2017.09.22 | People

New face at IMC

Mette Terp Høybye is joining IMC as an associate professor at the Department of Clinical Medicine, AU for 20% of her time and spends the remaining 80% of her position at the Interdisciplinary Research Unit in the Elective Surgery Center, Silkeborg Regional Hospital. Mette is an interdisciplinary researcher with a background in anthropology and…

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