2019.01.21 | Talent development

Interested in an AU intern/research assistant?

Students from the masters programs in Linguistics and Cognitive semiotics are looking for open positions.

Photo: AU Foto

2019.01.21 | Grants

IMC affiliated researcher receives Sapere Aude grant for project on consumer choices

Jacob Lund Orquin from the Department of Management receives a grant of DKK 5,849,529 from the Danish Council for Independent Research’s Sapere Aude programme for his project, which aims to define a model for the consumers’ choice of products.

2019.01.15 | Talent development

Interested in digital humanities? ARTS funds places at Oxford DH summer school 2019

Curious about Digital Humanities? Or want to enhance your existing skills in a particular DH area (texts, music, citizen science, TIE, linked-data, etc.)?

2019.01.09 | Research

The understanding we gain whilst we sleep

Melanie Rosen gave a talk at TEDxAarhus - video is out now


2019.01.08 | Publication, Research

Skærm - skærm ikke: Rapport om skolers mobilregler Hvorfor? Hvordan? Hvad virker?

Ny rapport analyserer danske skolers mobilregler i 2018, inklusive deres effekter og årsager, som skolerne selv har observeret dem.

2018.12.21 | Events, Research

Experimenting, Experienting, Reflecting – Art and science at work in the public realm

In June 2018 IMC held a workshop at Studio Olafur Eliasson in Berlin.

2018.12.20 | People

Mette Løvschal in new joint position

PhD In Prehistoric Archeology and Associate Professor Mette Løvschal is from 1st January 2019 employed in a joint position between Aarhus University, School of Culture and Society and Moesgaard Museum. The Moesgaard Museum and Aarhus University wish to strengthen cooperation, not least in the field of…

2018.12.14 | Scientific staff, Research

Two postdoc positions for new research project

Department of Clinical Medicine, Interacting Minds Centre seeks to fill two vacant positions as postdoc in the interdisciplinary, anthropological project: Borderlands of living. Tracing states of (un-)consciousness between the irreversible and the potential.

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