2018.02.01 | Grants, People

Embodied Critical Thinking

IMC partner in new project funded by The Icelandic Center for Research

Mads Dalegård - Foto-Medieafdelingen Moesgård

2018.01.29 | Grants

Hvorfor ofre et menneskeliv?

Det spørgsmål skal et nyt forskningsprojekt blandt andet søge at besvare. Med en stor millionbevilling i ryggen på knap ti millioner kroner fra Norges forskningsråd vil arkæolog Mette Løvschal og antropolog Mette-Louise Johansen fra Aarhus Universitet i samarbejde med en større tværdisciplinær forskningsgruppe undersøge menneskeofringer som…

2018.01.26 | People

Charlotte Ettrup Christiansen - New PhD student

Art as social process: Experiences of self and literary fiction in Shared Reading groups for vulnerable youth in Denmark

2018.01.25 | Calls

New IMC Seed Funding Call open

Deadline 4th April 2018

Photo: Aarhus University

2018.01.17 | Media coverage, People , Research

Grammatical category influences lateralized imagery for sentences, Language and Cognition

Research by Mikkel Wallentin et al mentioned at

2018.01.17 | People

Theresa Ammann - New postdoc at CAS

As of 1 January 2018, Theresa has taken up a postdoc position at the Department of Anthropology with the Konfliktråd Impact Project (KIP).

2018.01.12 | Publication

Individual Differences in Language Acquisition and Processing

Article published in Trends in Cognitive Science

2017.12.20 | Grants

Grant from the Carlsberg Foundation

Mette Løvschal has received 180.000 kr. to publish the book: "Hær og efterkrigsritual i jernalderen - De dræbte krigere i offermosen i Alken Enge i Illerup Ådal". Congratulations! Contact:  Mette Løvschal, Assistant Professor, IMC and Department of Archeology and Heritage Studies

2017.12.20 | Research

IMC researchers nominated for the best Danish research result in 2017

The study "The Behavioral Immune System Shapes Political Intuitions: Why and How Individual Differences in Disgust Sensitivity Underlie Opposition to Immigration" has been nomonated as the best research result in 2017. Please vote for #2 on the list here Michael Bang Petersen and Lene Aarøe et al have published the study…

2017.12.14 | Grants

Social Information Integration: An Experimental and Computational Approach

Arndis Simonsen has been awarded a Carlsberg Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship in Denmark grant of 1,260,000 kr. for the project “Social Information Integration: An Experimental and Computational Approach”. The two-year postdoc project starts in March 2018 and will take place at the Interacting Minds Centre and the Psychosis Research Unit,…

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