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PLAYTrack is a 5-year collaboration research project (2016-2020) between the LEGO Foundation and the Interacting Minds Centre at the School of Culture and Society, Aarhus University. The purpose of this collaboration is to create a unique platform between academia and the private sector dedicated to developing a framework and methodology to conduct basic and applied research into the properties and mechanisms of playful learning experiences.

The aim of PLAYTrack is to:

  • Develop tools and methods for documenting, evaluating and measuring play and learning experiences
  • Expand the research network and access to competences on learning through play based on the expertise at the the Interacting Minds Centre, the School of Culture and Society, and Aarhus University
  • Facilitate knowledge transfer to the associated partners 


The project will allow:

  • Short-term: a review of existing theories, tools and methods for documenting, evaluating and measuring play and learning experiences; access to competences on learning through play based on the expertise at IMC and Aarhus University
  • Mid-term: - an international network of experts in the field, with a connecting centre in Billund/Aarhus, where trainings and discussions take place and get communicated to the outside; facilitated knowledge transfer to the LEGO Foundation and associated partners. Novel research on learning through play, exploring, in particular, engagement, emotions and collaboration.
  • Long-term: a stable platform for developing and conducting research about playful learning experiences by the cooperation of researchers, designers, producers and users.


At the IMC we hold that play is a vital part of human interaction. Archaeological finds and historical evidence tell us that play has always existed, in all forms of human society. All indications are that play is important for human beings and for the development of our civilisation, but we lack knowledge about what it actually does for our development and our interactions with each other. That is what makes play such an interesting field of research.

The LEGO Foundation aims to investigate what characterises play and how play supports children’s learning and skills and has chosen the IMC as a partner in this project. 

To pursue its goals PLAYTrack will work closely with the LEGO Foundation’s international network of researchers and programmes. At the same time, PLAYTrack aims to collaborate with SMEs active in the fields of play, learning and creativity have the opportunity to engage in a strongly professional environment. 

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