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Mihaela Taranu

I am a trained developmental and cognitive psychologist (M.A, PhD). Currently I am working as a postdoc at the Interacting Minds Centre. In PLAYTrack, I am collaborating with Marc Malmdorf Andersen and Richard Dewhurst on two eye-tracking projects about:

1) play, predictions and fun

2) learning, creativity and affordances in play

Both projects are aimed to be explorations of play and playfulness in more ecological contexts.


Email  mihaela.taranu@cognovo.eu

Previously, I was a Marie Curie Fellow at the University of Plymouth (UK), in a large European project about cognitive innovation and creativity (www.CogNovo.eu).

In my PhD thesis I investigated whether visual and auditory perception share domain general/specific mechanisms and how individual differences in executive functions and creativity relate to perceptual mechanisms. To address these questions, I used a variety of methods from developmental psychology, cognitive psychology and neuroscience.

After my PhD, I had a research position at the University of Cambridge in a project about the role of angular gyrus in autobiographical memories.

I am experienced with psychophysics methods, developmental research and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.

Find more about my previous work here:

Publications relating to play

> Straeubig, M., Hsu, C.-W., Oztop, P., & Taranu, M. (2016). (How) Does Play Matter? A Transdisciplinary Approach to Play and its Re- lation to Neurobiology, Creativity and Deception. In M. Punt, S. Denham, & E. Doove (Eds.) (pp. 215–231). Off the Lip Conference - Transdisciplinary Approaches to Cognitive Innovation, Plymouth.