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Savhannah Schulz


I intertwined myself with the PLAYTrack group for the first time in 2017, when I joined as a Research Assistant to support Katrin Heimann's explorations into micro-phenomenology with ducks.

Since then I was fortunate to gain a PhD Fellowship with the Didactics programme at DPU (Danmarks institut for Pædagogik og Uddannelse) and am now focussing my research on the relationship between reflection and learning.

Reflecting on Reflection - PhD Project

Developing a framework to investigate the role of reflection in an educational learning context

To date, research on reflection in the educational field has been dominated by a search for a working framework describing the multidimensional processes involved in reflective thinking. Although “reflective thinking” has been identified as a key skill to be gained from an educational programme, current theories of reflection are mostly built on non-empirical findings and neglect more recent developments within the fields of cognitive science (e.g. meta-cognition). 

In light of these challenges, I set my PhD project to address this predicament by identifying reliable and objective measures of reflection. Thereby I aim to evaluate the degree to which students can and do reflect on their learning outcomes and how this knowledge could be used to improve current curricular.

I hereby focus on a two-track approach: 

  • Track 1 - Develop a deeper understanding of the existing frameworks on reflection and consider which other research strands could further the understandings.
  • Track 2 - Inform the theoretical understanding of reflection by investigating reflective practices in an actual classroom environment.

Importantly by looking at reflection from both a theoretical and empirical perspective, I aim to overcome the existing barriers in reflection research. Namely, the absence of an overarching integrative model of reflection, where practice informs theory and theory informs practice.