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About Tech-Augmented Psychology & Intervention Research (TAPIR)

Wearable technology and smartphones provide new ways of understanding physiology and behaviour beyond the laboratory. The TAPIR project group will harness these technologies to better understand the effects of psychological interventions.

With funding from TrygFonden, this project will be anchored at the Interacting Minds Center, Aarhus University (Asst. Prof. Christine Parsons; Prof. Andreas Roepstorff). It will involve an international, interdisciplinary collaboration between Engineering (AU; Associate Professor Kasper Jensen), the Danish Mindfulness Center (Associate Professor Lone Fjorback), Human-Computer Interaction, UCC, Ireland (Dr. Conor Linehan), and the Anxiety and Depression Research Center, UCLA, USA (Prof. Michelle Craske).

We will focus on a key problem in psychological interventions: understanding participant behaviour outside of therapy sessions. Wearable tech will be used as a tool to monitor and support behaviour change in one popular standard intervention: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. ​