First The War - Then Ebola

Lessons learned and unlearned about humanitarian intervention



2015.06.19 | Events

Conference: “It takes two tango: A translational approach to self-other dynamics”

Registration is now open for this one-day conference taking place at the University of Birmingham on Monday 6th of July.

Cross Cultural Psychology

2015.06.16 | Calls, Publication

Call for Papers for a Special Issue in the Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology

"Methodological and Conceptual Challenges to Cross-Cultural Research" is the preliminary title of the speciel issue. Guest editor is Ron Fischer and deadline for submission of the full manuscript is March 1, 2016.

Romney and Obama in 2012 Presidential Debate

2015.06.08 | Publication

US Presidential Debates Measured by Twitter

Using Twitter a recently published IMC study shows the complex collective entrainment to the 2012 US presidential debates at different time-scales: people react almost in real time to conflict and turn-taking, but take much longer to process contents.

"And Starring Pancho Villa as himself" movie poster

2015.06.08 | Workshop

“And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself”

The second event of the Private IMC film club exploring the world of film, filmmaking and filmperception in education, society and politics – by means of films!

2015.06.08 | Events

The Interacting Mind Bootcamps

Every last Tuesday in the month, from September 2015 on, the IMC is organizing a full day interactive workshop, each featuring one hot topic in cognitive neuroscience research.


Mon 27 Jun
09:00-16:00 |
Causality in the Sciences of the mind and brain
This conference in the Causality in the Sciences (CitS) series will focus on causality in the sciences of the mind and brain. Among these sciences are psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience and cognitive neuroscience.


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