IMC Bootcamp Workshops 2015

IMC Bootcamps starting in September with workshops on hot topics in cognitive neuroscience



2015.08.24 | Events, Course, Seminar, Workshop

The Interacting Minds Bootcamps

Once a month, from September 2015 on, the IMC is organizing a full day interactive workshop, each featuring one hot topic in cognitive neuroscience research.

2015.08.10 | Course

New Course in Behavioural Economics

"Behavioral Economics: an introduction to why we act the way we do" by Panos Mitkidis and Andreas Roepstorff

Adapted from the programme website

2015.08.07 | Education

Many Applicants to the new international BSc in Cognitive Science

Everybody - or at least a large number of prospective undergraduate students - wants to be a cognitive scientist

Image borrowed from the Social Minds blog

2015.08.04 | Debate

New Piece in the Social Minds Blog from the Friths

Another interesting interview, this time about confidence in a social setting

Theresa Ammann

2015.08.04 | Lecture/talk

MA defence: Theresa Ammann

Wed Aug 5th, 11.30am, IMC meeting room. On the topics of human security, peace building, and Ebola.


Tue 08 Sep
11:00-13:00 | IMC Meeting Room, Building 1483, 3rd floor
What’s the use of consciousness?
IMC Seminar by Chris Frith
Tue 08 Sep
14:00-15:00 | IMC Meeting Room, Building 1483, 3rd floor
Tuesday Talk by Prof Uta Frith
Uta Frith will be giving a talk titled "This summer of sexism - what have we learned?"
Thu 10 Sep
13:30-17:00 |
Autism@Aarhus 2015 Symposium: 4th Anniversary Meeting
The program will include Uta Frith, Leonhard Schilbach, Diana Schendel, Arne Møller, Joshua Skewes, Raffaele Rodogno, Line Gebauer, Ethan Weed. Program is to be announced.
Tue 15 Sep
11:00-13:00 | IMC Meeting room, building 1483, 3rd floor
Effects of social influence on metacognitive confidence and perceptual learning
Thu 17 Sep
10:15-12:00 | Auditorium 2, Building 1441-112, Tåsingegade
IMC Lecture: Prof Charles Goodwin
Prof Charles Goodwin will be giving an IMC lecture on "Co-operative Action".


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