Thinking Outside the LEGO Box


Christian Kordt Højbjerg *1960-†2014 (photo: Dimitris Xygalatas)
Study of rituals in Mauritius (photo: Panos Mitkidis)
Christian Højbjerg in Mauritius (photo: Panos Mitkidis)

2014.04.23 | People

In Memory of Christian Højbjerg

We are very sad to report that our colleague Christian Kordt Højbjerg passed away on Tuesday April 22 after a lengthy battle with cancer. He will be deeply missed. Obituary by Andreas Roepstorff.

"The Law" expressed in LEGO
Kristian Tylén
Riccardo Fusaroli

2014.04.22 | Publication

Thinking together with material representations

IMC researchers Riccardo Fusaroli and Kristian Tylén co-authors new article about joint epistemic actions in creative problem solving in "Journal of Cognitive Semiotics"

Kristian Tylén

2014.04.22 | Publication

Joint perceptual decision-making: A case study in explanatory pluralism

Kristian Tylén and Riccardo Fusaroli co-authors of new article published in Frontiers in Psychology


Mon 28 Apr
15:00-16:00 | IMC, Jens Chr. Skous Vej 4, building 1.483, room 331
"Effects of literature on empathy and self-reflection: A theoretical-empirical framework"
A guest lecture by Frank Hakemulder, Utrecht University.
Tue 29 Apr
11:00-12:30 | Aarhus-DK, Nobelparken, building 1483-3, Room 312 (IMC meeting room)
John Michael: Automatic Level-1 Perspective-Taking or Just Plain Spatial Cueing?
An IMC Tuesday seminar
Mon 05 May
15:00-16:45 | Aarhus-DK, Nobelparken, building 1483-3, IMC
Meaning, language, communication: interdisciplinary perspectives
To understand interacting minds we need to understand how they communicate, share meaning and develop common ground. This workshop discusses how to think of language and communication and how to investigate them computationally, experimentally and with neuro-imaging techniques.
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