Uta and Chris Frith winners of Jean Nicod Prize


2014.08.08 | Research

Postdoc position available at Aarhus/Brighton

A new last minute position for a postdoc or researcher with computing and experiment experience has been made available in a collaborative project between Aarhus University and the University of Sussex.


2014.07.09 | Calls

iCog Conference 2014 - Perspectives on Learning

The second annual iCog conference, which is to be held at Edinburg University on October 15th-16th, invites the submission of abstracts from postgraduate and early-career researchers in anthropology, computer science, linguistics, neuroscience, philosophy, psychology, and related disciplines. Deadline for submission of abstracts is 22nd August.

2014.07.07 | People

The Cultural Influence on our Brains

Culture and biology are more intertwined than we previously thought, says Andreas Roepstorff in this article from videnskab.dk, which got republished in Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. The article was a recap of the topics discussed by the panel at ESOF 2014. Please note: In Danish.


Tue 26 Aug
11:00-12:30 | Aarhus University (DK), IMC meeting room, Nobelparken, building 1483-3, 8000 Aarhus C
"Metacognition, Talking About the Mind: The Importance of Culture"
An IMC seminar with Chris Frith.
Wed 27 Aug
13:30-17:00 | DNC Auditorium, Building 10G Aarhus University Hospital, Nørrebrogade 44, 8000 Aarhus C.
Autism@Aarhus 2014 Symposium: 4th Anniversary Meeting
Please come to the fourth Autism@Aarhus Anniversary meeting. You will hear what is happening now in autism research within, as well as outside, Aarhus University.
Tue 02 Sep
11:00-12:30 | Aarhus, DK, Nobelparken building 1483-3, IMC meeting room
Phil Davies: "Reading and Reappraisal"
In this seminar Phil Davies (University of Liverpool) will be showing video clips from "shared reading sessions" and will talk about the methods developed at CRILS to assess "significant reading experiences".
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