2 Day Workshop: Open Science and Reproducibility

2018.12.10 | Anne-Mette Pedersen

Date Tue 12 Mar Wed 13 Mar
Time 09:00    16:00
Location Mogens Zielerstuen, Fredrik Nielsens Vej 4, 8000 Aarhus C

The social and behavioural sciences have recently been undergoing a series of loosely related revolutions in their methodology and practice. The past ten years have seen increasing calls for replication and reproducibility of experimental results; calls for the increased use of open science practices such as data sharing, code sharing, and pre-registration; and calls for increased inclusiveness and diversity among the ranks of scientists. These changes have been propelled by key publications on replication and reproducibility of results, and major conferences and workshops on open science.


The purpose of this workshop is move beyond some of the more general issues which are typically discussed in these contexts, and to facilitate the integration of these changes in scientists’ day-to-day practice. The workshop will aim to provide participants with an overview of some specific tools and methods which have emerged in recent years; to provide examples in specific populations and focus areas in which it may be more difficult to ensure results are reproducible and replicable; and to situate these revolutions in their broader historical and social contexts in which they are taking place.


Confirmed speakers: