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Bias in Auditory Perception

We invite researchers from the fields of applied linguistics, psychology, anthropology, philosophy, and musicology to submit a paper on bias in auditory perception.

2014.03.10 | Marjoleine Sloos

Date Thu 18 Sep Sat 20 Sep
Time 07:00    17:00
Location Aarhus University (DK), building 1441 - room 012 (auditorium 1)
Registration opens Tue 15 Apr 08:00, Registration closes Mon 01 Sep 12:00 Register

Program “Bias in Auditory Perception”

The Interacting Minds Centre (Aarhus University, Denmark) organises a conference about the role of expectation in auditory perception in general, with a special focus on bias in speech perception. The conference will have a highly interdisciplinary character. We strive to bring together cognitive scientists, (applied) linguists, language therapists, psychologists, philosophers, and musicologists who are interested in auditory perception. Proceedings of the conference will appear as a special issue of the journal Perception.

NB: Participation is FREE for AU students but you need to register by email to Tina Friis (


Thursday 18 September


 08:30    Registration

9:00-9:10         Opening

            Marjoleine Sloos

         Session Sociolinguistics 1

            Chair: t.b.d.

09:10-09:40         Talk 1 “How the demographic make-up of our community influences our speech perception”

Shiri Lev-Ari & Sharon Peperkamp

09:40-10:10         Talk 2 “Regional differences in the perception of a sound change in progress”

            Anne-France Pinget

10:10-10:40        Talk 3 “The role of dialect exposure in the perception of sociophonetic variables”

            Nancy Niedzielski

10:40-11:00        Coffee break


Session Sociolinguistics 2

         Chair: Nicolai Pharao

11.00-11.30         Talk 4 “Suburban Swedish maturing: Variation and perceptions among adult speakers         of Swedish contemporary vernacular”

            Nathan Young

11:30-12:00        Talk 5 “Non-native prosody and its misperception: Implications of bias”

            Richard Todd

12:00-12:30        Talk 6 “Own variety bias”

            Marjoleine Sloos & Andrea Ariza-García

12:30-14:00       Lunch

Session Phonetics

Chair: t.b.d

14:00-14:30     Talk 7 “Directional asymmetry in the brain’s perception of speech sounds: an MMR study of [t] vs. [d]”

            Andreas Højlund Nielsen, Line Gebauer, William B. McGregor, Mikkel Wallentin

14:30-15:00     Talk 8 “Speaker intelligibility may influence perception acuity”

            Will Schuerman, Antje Meyer, James McQueen

15:00-15:30     Talk 9 “Effects of pitch on perceived duration: Comparing speech and non-speech stimuli”

            Carlos Gussenhoven & Wencui Zhou

15:30-16:00      Tea break

16:00-16:30     Talk 10 “Learning biases for speech: domain-general or domain-specific?”

            Sabine van der Ham & Bart de Boer


16:30-17:15      Key note speech Title t.b.a.

Katie Drager

17:15      Closing first day

Friday 19 September


            Session Second language acquisition 1

         Chair: t.b.d.

9:00-9:40      Key note speech

“Universal biases in native and non-native speech perception”

                  Ocke-Schwen Bohn

9:40-10:10      Talk 11 “Foreign accent effects in emotional word processing”

            Anna Hatzidaki, Christina Baus, Albert Costa

10:10-10:40     Talk 12 “The mis-production of TSM final stops”

            Man-ni Chu

10:40-11:00        Coffee break


         Session Second language acquisition 2

         Chair: Wencui Zhou

11:00-11:30         Talk 13 “Effect of phonotactic constraints on L2 speech processing”

            Tamami Katayama

11:30-12:00      Talk 14 “Adaptation to foreign accents: The role of listener language experience and task expectations”

            Cynthia Blanco, Hoyoung Hi, Rajka Smiljanic

12:00-12:30     Talk 15 “Bias or not: Cross-linguistic perception in accented-speech”

            Hongyan Wang

12:30-14:00       Lunch



            Session CI & Neurolinguistics

         Chair: Alexandra Kratschmer

14:00-14:30       Talk 16 “Perception of acoustic emotion cues in normal-hearing listeners and cochlear-        implant users”

            Steven Gilbers, Christina Fuller, Dicky Gilbers, Mirjam Broersma, Martijn Goudbeek,           Rolien Free, Deniz Başkent

14:30-15:00     Talk 17 “Divergence in the perception of lexical stress by cochlear implant and normal hearing listeners”

            David Morris


15:00-15:30     Talk 18 “Sounds in context: electrophysiological evidence for local bias in auditory processing

            Ethan Weed

15:30-16:00       Tea break

16:00-16:30       Talk 19 “Reduced influence of prior perceptual knowledge in autism – evidence from           auditory localisation”

            Joshua Skewes & Line Gebauer


16:30-17:15      Key note speech Title t.b.a.

            Ediz Sohoglu

17:15      Closing second day



19:00    Conference dinner

            Venue t.b.a.



Saturday 20 September

Chair: Line Gebauer

9:00-9:40         Key note speech Title t.b.a.

            Andreas Roepstorff

                      Session Cross-modal & Music 

9:40-10:10         Talk 20 “Interpreting infant vocal distress: the ameliorative effect of musical training            in depression”

            Christine Parsons, Katherine Young, Alan Stein, Morten Kringelbach

10:10-10:40        Talk 21 “Potentials for bias in a listener’s temporal perception of music”

            Justin Christensen

10:40-11:00        Coffee break


11:00-11:30         Talk 22 “Discussion on pitch accent: a case study”

            Xuefeng Zhou

11:30-12:00        Talk 23 “The effect of auditory sensitivity on audiovisual processing”

            Cecilie Møller, Andreas Højlund Nielsen, Niels Christian Hansen, Joshua Skewes, Klaus     Bærentsen, Peter Vuust

12:00-13:00       Round the table discussion


13:00-14:00       Lunch

14:00-14:10        Closing Conference

            Marjoleine Sloos

15:00-17:00       AROS museum visit


Bias in Auditory Perception 18-19-20 September 2014

Human perception is biased by previous experiences, beliefs, knowledge, and presuppositions. Research on perceptional bias is approached from different angles, e.g. cross-modal perception, the influence of social categorization, the role of stereotypes, (socio-) linguistic context, the influence of emotions, or the contribution of different sorts of information. Much experimental investigation has been carried out in order to get more insight into biased perception. However, relatively few of these studies concentrate on auditory perception. Currently, we observe an increasing interest in bias in speech perception, showing that identification of speech sounds can be influenced by the information the listener has at her disposal (which might be justified or not). Among the factors that play a role in biased speech perception may be: age, gender, the overall dialect or ethnolect, sexual orientation, and ethnic background of the speaker. Growing evidence shows that also professional linguists are susceptible to speech bias, which potentially has important impact on linguistics analyses (for instance in dialectology and fieldwork). Moreover, auditory bias may lead to misjudgement by evaluators in speech therapy, second language evaluation, or asylum requests, which may have a serious impact on the speaker who is evaluated.

The Interacting Minds Centre (Aarhus University, Denmark) organises a conference about the role of expectation in auditory perception in general, with a special focus on bias in speech perception. The conference will have a highly interdisciplinary character. We strive to bring together cognitive scientists, (applied) linguists, language therapists, psychologists, philosophers, and musicologists who are interested in auditory perception.


Special Session: Bias in Speech Perception, September 19

Recent research showed that speech perception can be influenced by social categorization. Perceived age, gender, the overall dialect or ethnolect, the sexual orientation, and the ethnic background of the speaker are among the factors that may lead to certain expectations regarding the pronunciation. Subsequently, these expectations can easily lead to misjudgements regarding accuracy of speech in e.g. speech therapy or second language acquisition. These expectations may also lead to misidentification of speech segments among naïve speakers as well as professional linguists. This potentially affects speech transcriptions in dialectology and sociolinguistics and phonological descriptions in fieldwork and anthropological linguistics. This session is devoted to studies on the occurrence of bias in speech perception, its neurolinguistic correlates, and the factors that correlate with perceptual bias.


Abstract submission (Update: Extended deadline!)

Abstracts can be submitted before July 15, 2014. Notification of acceptance follows on July 29, 2014. Abstracts should not exceed 200 words excluding references and should be submitted as PDF. Please use EasyAbs to upload your abstract. Speakers will be allotted 20 minutes plus 5 minutes discussion. We have the intention to select papers for a peer-reviewed special issue on auditory bias. 

Please submit your abstract to EasyAbs here


Registration is open now. Last chance to register is September 1st 2014.

The conference fee is DKK700 (appr. EUR100) and covers lunches and coffee and tea during the whole conference and one conference dinner at September 19th

NB: Participation is FREE for AU students but you need to register by email to Tina Friis (

Please click here to register for the conference


Keynote speakers

Ediz Sohoglu

Ocke Bohn (University of Aarhus)

Katie Drager (University of Hawaii)

Andreas Roepstorff (University of Aarhus)




Call for papers                                                     15 March 2014

Deadline abstract submission                                 1 July 2014

Notification of acceptance of abstracts                   15 July 2014

Registration open                                                15 April 2014

Registration close                                                15 September 2014

Conference                                                         18-19-20 September 2014

Deadline paper submission                                   1 October 2014


Contact person

Marjoleine Sloos



The conference will take place at AU campus, building 1441, room 012 (auditorium 1)


Registration is required for the conference and we would kindly ask you to register by using the webshop:

The conference fee (DKK 750/EUR 100) covers lunches, coffee/tea and the conference dinner.

If you have special allergies or very specific wishes regarding dinner, please contact Tina Friis:

We are very much looking forward to meeting you in Aarhus.



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