Ethnographic methods in the digital age

2018.02.08 | Anne-Mette Pedersen

Date Wed 18 Apr
Time 13:00 16:30
Location Department of Anthropology, Moesgaard, Room 4206-129

Working description: Presentation of new approaches to ethnography using digital tools, and studying digital cultures. Examples include massively distributed "online" communities (gameplayers, scientists, patients), "interface" ethnography (fieldwork, interviewing, and sharing via screens), and methods combining online and offline research (since everyone mixes these differently). Particular focus will be given to para-ethnographic approaches where the anthropologist of science is a full participant in scientific and data-driven experiments.  Participants will be given readings and small assignments in advance. Opportunities for exploring their research topics as data-networks, as digital games, and collaborative projects in small groups will be provided.

Speaker: Visiting Professor Joe Dumit