Gendering in Research: Talk by Michelle Ryan, University of Exeter

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2017.01.11 | Anne-Mette Pedersen

Date Thu 30 Mar
Time 11:00 13:00
Location IMC Meeting Room, Jens Chr. Skous Vej 4, Building 1483-312

Everyone has heard about the glass ceiling effects for women; capturing the fact that women still struggle to achieve top leadership positions. However, some women do make it to CEO level. Psychology Professor Michelle Ryan who is the Dean of Postgraduate Research and Director of the University of Exeter Doctoral College, has explored under what conditions women make it to the top. And in her research she uncovered what she has labeled the glass cliff phenomenon. The glass cliff phenomenon refers to the bias that women are likelier than men to achieve leadership roles during periods of crisis or downturn, when the chance of failure is highest. In other words, women primarily achieved top leadership positions when the odds of succeeding in the company is minimal.


Professor of Social and Organizational Psychology Michelle Ryan from the University of Exeter


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