Aarhus University Research Foundation grants 2 mio kr. to IMC researcher

Katerina Peterkova and Panos Mitkidis receives AUFF Starting Grant for the project "Pharmaceuticals in the environment: Legal Solutions informed by behavioral science"

2016.11.03 | Anne-Mette Pedersen


Project description

Pharmaceuticals have been disposed to the environment for decades without considering their negative effects on fauna, flora and human health. The issue gained attention since 30 years ago, but much remains unknown. In order to prevent escalation of the problem, the amounts of pharmaceuticals released to the environment during production and consumption should be lowered.

Our research group will focus on examining regulatory measures for responsible pharmaceutical waste management. While in respect to production, this mostly means reviewing and working with pharmaceutical and waste legislation, in the area of consumption new insights are needed from behavioral science in order to evaluate and propose changes to the take-back schemes. Our main research question is: How can law informed by behavioral science enhance responsible disposal of pharmaceutical waste both on the industrial and household levels?


Katerina Peterkova, Assistant Professor
Department of Law

Panagiotis Mitkidis, Associate Professor
Department og Management & IMC