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Better Sleep in Adolescents: using smartphone-based Cognitive Behavior Therapy to treat insomnia

New Grant from Helsefonden

2018.06.08 | Anne-Mette Pedersen

Associate Professor Christine Parsons has received 200.000 kr. from Helsefonden for a new research project.


In Denmark, as in other countries, adolescence is a risk period for the onset of mental health problems. Adolescence is also the period in which sleep disturbance typically emerges, with up to 20% of adolescents meeting clinical criteria for insomnia.

Sleep disturbance is an established, but modifiable, risk factor for depression and suicidality in adolescents. Therefore, addressing sleep disturbance may be a key strategy for improving mental health at this critical life transition. We will first use digital sleep diaries to establish typical and atypical sleep patterns in Danish adolescents, and investigate how these relate to symptoms of anxiety and depression. This will inform how we adapt a digital CBT-I intervention for use with Danish youth.


The research will be carried out in collaboration with Katie Young, UCLA/Kings College London.

Christine Parsons, Associate Professor, Dept. of Clinical Medicine and IMC