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Carlsberg Foundation Semper Ardens Grants to two IMC researchers

The Carlsberg Foundation has granted 200m DKK to 13 new Semper Ardens projects which will be headed by prominent researchers.

2019.02.01 | Anne-Mette Pedersen

See the press release here (in Danish).


About the Semper Ardens grant
The grant from the Carlsberg Foundation is awarded based on the following criteria:

“The Carlsberg Foundation’s Semper Ardens grants are awarded to ‘passionate, always burning’ researchers with particularly visionary research projects that have the potential to create scientific breakthroughs and develop Danish research. Semper Ardens grants are given to internationally recognised top researchers with an affiliation to the Danish research environments.”


Two of the projects will be headed by researchers affiliated with the Interacting Minds Center at Aarhus University.

Experimenting, Experiencing, Reflecting. Art and Science at work in the public realm

The project will develop experiments based on perception, decision-making, action, notions of togetherness, collaboration, and transmission of knowledge. Linking experimentation and experience in participatory settings with public access will create a unique, shared space for personal reflection with global reach. It will also provide us with otherwise inaccessible, culturally differentiated knowledge about human experiences and actions across the world. The Carlsberg Foundation has donated DKK 14.9 million to the interdisciplinary project that will be carried out in collaboration with Studio Olafur Eliasson in Berlin.

Art and research in dialogue about the world we share

Principal Investigator: 
Andreas Roepstorff, Director of IMC, Professor at Department of Clinical Medicine and School of Culture and Society


ROPH: Center for Research on Online Political Hostility

The project will aim to develop counter-strategies to combat hostile behaviour in the political debate on social media. The Carlsberg Foundation has donated DKK 15.7 million to the interdisciplinary project, which brings together leading Danish and international researchers.  

Large research grant to combat political hostility and threats on social media

Proncipal Investigator: 
Michael Bang Petersen, Professor, Department of Political Science and AIAS