2018.02.08 | Anne-Mette Pedersen

Professor David Eilam, Tel Aviv University, is at Aarhus University in May on a Teaching Mobility Grant.


Bio of David Eilam:

I study the behavior of animals and humans. Our research is based on videotaping behavior in various contexts ranging from animals learning unfamiliar environments or confronting a predator, to humans performing sport or ethnic rituals. Videoclips undergo sophisticated fine-grained analysis (which is the expertise of our lab).  


Fields of Research:

  • Social spatial cognition: The impact of the social environment and spatial representation.
  • Ritualized behavior: From animal stereotypies to rituals in sports, in culture, and in patients with mental disorders (e.g. - OCD); The relevance of Memetics.
  • Predator-prey interactions (barn owls vs. rodents)   

Teaching activities during his stay:

  • Social Cognition at Cognitive Semiotics (lesson): May 3, 8-11 AM. 
  • Social and Cultural Dynamics at Cognitive Science (workshop)
  • Religion, Cognition and Culture (workshop/lesson)
  • Bootcamp at Interacting Minds Centre (Bootcamp on Animal Cognition): May 2 full day intensive workshop for students and faculty.