Gender and Representation in Research

Grant from AU to new project on gender bias

2018.03.26 | Anne-Mette Pedersen

The Committee for Research and External Cooperation (UFFE) has granted funding for a number of projects focusing on gender bias at Aarhus University. The projects are the idea of a number of AU researchers, who are now starting work on actual research, which is designed to address the issues of gender bias at Aarhus University.  

Lea Skewes has received funding for a study of Gendered Attitudes at AU.

Gender and Representation in Research

The study is inspired by Madeline Heilman´s lack of fit modelThis model captures that not only genders, but alsooccupational roles are associated with gender stereotypical traits. For instance, nursing is associated with feminine traits such as being caring and emotional, while research is associated with stereotypically masculine traits such as being competitive and rational. Because of this stereotyping of occupational roles women are more likely to be seen as fitting in to a nursing career than an academic career. Therefore, it is relevant to explore whether employees at AU perceive male employees as a better fit for an academic career compared to female employees.

Collaborators: Prof of Social- and Organizational Psychology Michelle Ryan, University of Exeter & PhD Lea Skewes at Interacting Minds Centre  

Link to news at AU.

Contact: Postdoc Lea Skewes, IMC