Grant to IMC Researchers for Interdisciplinary Network

Human Computer Interaction in Immersive Environments

2017.06.08 | Anne-Mette Pedersen

Konstantinos Koumaditis, Andreas Roepstorff, Christine Parsons, Panagiotis Mitkidis, and Marc Andersen from the Interacting Minds Centre, Department of Management, and  Business Development and Technology have received funding from the AU Interdisciplinary Network Grant Scheme for the creation of the network ‘Human Computer Interaction in Immersive Environments’.

The network, which has been funded for the next two years, aims to facilitate cooperation between researchers, both nationally and internationally,  who use Virtual and Augmented Reality in their work. 

The grant is 135.000 DKR.

Contact: Assistant Professor Konstantinos KoumaditisDepartment of Business Development and Technology

About AU Interdisciplinary Network Scheme:

In support of Aarhus University’s aim to foster innovative cross-disciplinary and cross-faculty collaboration, AU researchers are invited to submit proposals for interdisciplinary research networks. The networks are to work as platforms from which interdisciplinary projects, activities and funding applications will emerge at AU. 

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