IMC collaboration with University of Jyväskylä, Finland

2016.09.16 | Anne-Mette Pedersen

Blurred boundaries. Intersubjectivity and differentation (BBID)

IMC is collaborating with researchers in Finland

Project description:

Our current understanding of human interaction is dominated by a way of thinking that underlines the cognitive boundaries between self and other(s). The BBID research project sets out with the hypothesis that such an account distorts our understanding, as it applies only to a narrow section of interpersonal experience. Assuming a transdisciplinary approach, the project focuses on, investigates, and highlights, the non-cognitive (emotional, bodily, sensuous, and affective) dimensions of the self/other relationship. Employing neglected resources from various fields of philosophy, psychology, and artistic research, the project strongly challenges the dominant way of thinking, and paves way for new understanding of human interaction, thus making significant theoretical and practical contributions.

Leader: Joona Taipale (Ph. D., Adjunct Professor, Kone Foundation Experienced Researcher)

Team members: Heidi Fast (M.F.A.), Petra Nyman-Salonen (M.S.), Jussi Saarinen (Ph.D.), and Sanna Tirkkonen (M.Soc.Sc.)

Contact: Andreas Roepstorff, Director, Professor, IMC