IMC to co-design role playing game for the dark dungeons beneath Danish Parliament

2017.10.11 | Anne-Mette Pedersen

Andreas Lieberoth, Assistant Professor at IMC and the Danish School of Education, is part of the consortium of game designers, educators, technologists and researchers, who just won the tender to build a new, stronger and more engaging role-playing experience for the dungeons beneath Christiansborg. 

“Politician for one day” has existed for a number of years, but it’s time to give the game an overhaul - both the technology and the game play. This will also be an extraordinary opportunity to study the transformative potentials of play experiences in the context of civics and youth engagement in societal issues as thousands of students pass though the cellars of Christiansborg on a monthly basis. Our mission is to generate crucial research data, but also to create a data-driven framework for formative assessment to help teachers support their students’ learning trajectories after they leave The Castle. 

The setting includes small party HQs, halls to wander and meet with digitalised lobbyists, journalists and grassroots, as well as players form other parties, and last but not least, a working miniature version of the parliament hall.

The game will be designed by consortium members over the years 2017-19, and be ready for students and research in two years’ time.

See the call for tender here

Assistant Professor Andreas Lieberoth,  Danish School of Education and IMC