Mind and Life Institute Think Tank Award for Microphenomenology of Contemplative Practice

2016.10.05 | Anne-Mette Pedersen

The Mind and Life Institute has awarded a grant of USD 10.000 for a workshop bringing together scholars from the humanities and sciences with contemplative practitioners to explore and develop the use of microphenomenology in the study, practice and application of contemplative practice. The meeting, which will take place in Paris in late January 2017, is intended to help develop a modest, empirically grounded, and explicitly intersubjective phenomenology to aid in the study of processes and states associated with learning and engaging in contemplative practice. The meeting will specifically explore the intra- and inter-personal dynamics of language and embodied experience.

The workshop builds on an earlier pilot project exploring the usefulness of microphenomenological interview techniques in the study of contemplative practices, and continues the collaboration with Prof. Michel Bitbol and Prof. Claire Petitmengin at the Husserl Archives, École Normale Supérieure, and Prof Anne Klein, Dept of Religious Studies, Rice University.

At IMC, Prof. Andreas Roepstorff and Assoc. Prof. Martijn van Beek are the principal investigators.

MLI Think Tank: Microphenomenology and contemplative experience: Exploring the intra- and intersubjective dynamics of language and embodied experience


Professor Andreas Roepstorff, School of Culture and Society, Dept. of Anthropology

Associate Professor Martijn van Beek, School of Culture and Society, Dept. of Anthropology