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Reflecting on reflection: Developing measures to investigate the role of reflection in learning

New PhD project at IMC

2018.08.10 | Anne-Mette Pedersen

Savhannah Schulz will from 1st September 2018 be PhD Student at IMC. She holds a Bachelor in Cognitive Science from Aarhus University.

About the project:

To date, research on reflection in the educational field has been dominated by a search for a working framework describing the multidimensional processes involved in reflective thinking. Although “reflective thinking” has been identified as a key skill to be gained from an educational programme, current theories of reflection are mostly built on non-empirical findings and neglect more recent developments within the fields of cognitive science. In light of these challenges, the PhD project aims to identify reliable and objective measures of reflection in order to assess the degree to which students can and do reflect on their learning outcomes. For this, I evaluate the most dominating models of reflection and develop an overarching framework that will also incorporate meta cognitive theories.

The project will be supervised by Andreas Roepstorff and involves close collaboration with the Pedagogy of Play project at Project Zero.


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