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The Social Decision Lab at University of Sussexs offers grant for collaboration with IMC Researchers

Call for expressions of interest

2018.07.02 | Anne-Mette Pedersen

The Social Decision Lab at the University of Sussex has a pot of money marked for collaborations with CFIN or the Interacting Minds Centre between July 2018 and July 2019. This amount is somewhere between 100,000 DKK and 150,000 DKK.  

Current lab interests include:

  • how we value the lives of other people
  • how we value and integrate the opinions of other people
  • “revolution!" thresholds and factors that determine collective action for social system change
  • pharmacology and neural basis of socially inspired decisions (decisions that affect or affected by others)
  • clinical manifestations and applications of social cognition models in clinical populations
  • interoception, emotional interoception and metacognition in social cognition
  • neuropsychological models of communication effectiveness

We have expertise in behavioural studies, psychophysiology, fMRI, and human psychopharmacology. 

The University of Sussex is nestled in the hills, just outside Brighton, which is a uber-cool city by the sea, 1 hour south of London.  Also nearby is the market town of Lewes, which is equally cool but more 'grown up’.  The university is home to the world famous Sackler Centre for Consciousness Studies and a diverse set of talented psychologists. We have great links to behavioural economics labs.   We have an EEG lab, a new Siemens Prism 3T multi-band and FMRI scanner (scans must be paid for), galvanic skin response equipment, heart rate equipment, eye tracking, and dedicated test space.  We also have a fun, social  and motivating lab environment!.  So perhaps this could be a good place to spend part of a PhD or postdoc….

These funds should be used to develop projects and relationships that can lead to larger grant applications in the UK and Denmark, and forge long-term collaborations between our lab and Aarhus, building on our existing common interests.  If you are interested to work with us, just send me a paragraph on your idea before July 7th, 2018.  

Funds could be used for travel, accommodation, research expenses, scanning costs etc. either in the UK or in Denmark.  It must be emphasised, that the use of funds is for working on new adventures with The Social Decision Lab. So the funds cannot be used to finish your existing project or as a gateway to working on other agendas, such as to work part time with another lab in the UK.  We are, of course, open to collaborations with other labs and institutions if they fit into our common interests.

Hope to hear from you,





Dr. Daniel Campbell-Meiklejohn
School of Psychology
University of Sussex