IMC Seed Funding


IMC Seed Programme 2019

Seed funding is a key instrument at IMC. It allows researchers to explore new fields, questions and collaborations and it may support pilot studies, which could be developed into full projects and applications. 

  • Seeds are sown to grow, that is, projects should be fast and feasible. 
  • The seed programme should allow talent development.
  • Researchers can apply for data acquisition, running costs, participant payments, student helpers/assistants etc.
  • Funding cannot be transferred from one year to the next. It is "use it or lose it". 

The theme for the call in 2019 was "The dark side of collaboration", and IMC received 19 applications for seed funding - with a total value of 1,1 mio. kr. 

The IMC Seed Funding Committee has decided to support 15 new projects in 2019.

On the Seed Funding 2019 website you can see titles and short summaries of all the projects. 

The next call will be published in April.