2018.08.29 | Publication

Article published in World Archaeology

Directionality and axiality in the Bronze Age: crossregional landscape perspectives on ‘fire pit lines’ and other pitted connections

2018.08.24 | People

Sergio Gonzalez de la Higuera Rojo, Research Assistant

New face at IMC

2018.08.24 | Publication

Intervening into mechanisms: Prospects and challenges

Article published in Wiley Philosophy Compass

2018.08.24 | People

Alexey Buldakov, PhD screening student

New face at IMC

Foto: Hans Henrik Høeg

2018.08.14 | People

Martin Høybye, PhD Student

New face at IMC

2018.08.09 | People

Christopher Cox

New face at IMC

2018.08.08 | People

Ida Selbing

New face at IMC

2018.08.02 | Publication

Beyond Mars and Venus: The role of gender essentialism in support for gender inequality and backlash

Article by Lea Skewes et al published in PLOS One

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