2016.04.27 | Research, Media coverage

IMC forsker Mette Steenberg, formand for Læseforeningen, deltager i DRK's tv-program "Kunstens skjulte kræfter"

Tema om kunst og litteratur og behandling af bl.a. psykiatriske patienter

2016.04.26 | Research news, Research

Play as a field for research

Creativity, engagement and lifelong learning are three key focal points for PLAYTrack, a new research project at the Interacting Minds Centre at Aarhus University in Denmark. The project is funded by the LEGO Foundation, which is supporting this collaborative venture with a sum amounting to DKK 12 million. Over the coming five-year period, the…

Tegning: Anne-Marie Steen Petersen

2016.04.19 | Research policy

Det var ikke Steve Jobs, der opfandt iPhonen

Kronik i Politiken 19.04.16 - skrevet af Kirsten Drotner, SDU og Andreas Roepstorff, IMC

2016.04.18 | Publication, Research

Groups synchronize their hearts and behaviors in a collective creative task

New article published in Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance

Ill: Colourbox

2016.04.14 | Publication, Research

Mennesket er den nye supersomputer

Forskere fra bl.a. IMC har i det ansete tidsskrift Nature publiceret resultater fra et nyt studie

Foto: Shutterstock

2016.04.14 | Research, Publication, Media coverage

Are they friends or not? Just a second of laughter can reveal relationship status

An international team of researchers - 3 of which part of IMC - built a network of participants across 24 cultures to answer the question: can we assess whether people are friends or strangers by the way they laugh together? The answer is yes. Participants across the world, from urban USA to hunter-gatherer tribes in Tanzania, can all recognize…

Illustration: ScienceAtHome

2016.04.14 | Research, Publication, Media coverage

New article in Nature: Exploring the quantum speed limit with computer games

IMC Researchers Andreas Lieberoth and Jacob Sherson et al. have published results from a new study

2016.04.11 | Research, Calls

A position as Research Associate is available at Duke University

The Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University is currently seeking a full-time research associate to join our team to plan and conduct experiments, analyze data, and report findings on a variety of behavioral economics research studies.

2016.04.11 | Education

Summer Internship in Behavioral Economics at Duke, Center for Advanced Hindsight

The Center for Advanced Hindsight (CAH) at Duke University is accepting applications for a summer internship program in behavioral economics. The six-week program begins on June 20th and ends on July 30th.

2016.04.07 | Publication, Research

Creating Language: Integrating Evolution, acquisition, and Processing

New book reintegrates the science of language. Authors: Professor Morten H. Christiansen (AU and Cornell) and Nick Chater (Warwick), published by The MIT Press

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