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2019.01.31 | People , Research

Former PhD Fellow at IMC Ivana Konvalinka is Principal Investigator at Social Interaction and Neuroscience Lab

The new SINe Lab is an interdisciplinary research group located at the Section for Cognitive Systems, DTU Compute, Technical University of Denmark

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2019.01.29 | Research

Dansk forsker afliver hjernemyte: Mænd bruger også begge hjernehalvdele

Studie peger på, at mænd og kvinder stort set lige ofte får sprogforstyrrelser efter en blodprop i hjernen

2019.01.29 | Publication

Sex differences in post-stroke aphasia rates are caused by age. A meta-analysis and database query

Article by Mikkel Wallentin published in PLOS ONE

2019.01.28 | People

PhD Defence: Brandi S. Morris

Can stories make Climate Change Communication more effective? Empirical evidence

2019.01.25 | Publication, PLAYTrack

Adrenaline junkies and white-knucklers: A quantitative study of fear management in haunted house visitors

Results from IMC seed funded project published in the journal Poetics

2019.01.23 | Grants

Children shape their learning environment: the case of language acquisition in children with ASD

Grant from NIDCD will enable researchers to follow children's linguistic and social development

2019.01.23 | Calls

Postdoc positions at the Interacting Minds Centre

Two vacant full-time positions as postdoc in the interdisciplinary, anthropological project: Borderlands of living. Tracing states of (un-)consciousness between the irreversible and the potential

2019.01.21 | Talent development, PLAYTrack

Interested in an AU intern/research assistant?

Students from the masters programs in Linguistics and Cognitive semiotics are looking for open positions.

Photo: AU Foto

2019.01.21 | Grants

IMC affiliated researcher receives Sapere Aude grant for project on consumer choices

Jacob Lund Orquin from the Department of Management receives a grant of DKK 5,849,529 from the Danish Council for Independent Research’s Sapere Aude programme for his project, which aims to define a model for the consumers’ choice of products.

2019.01.15 | Talent development

Interested in digital humanities? ARTS funds places at Oxford DH summer school 2019

Curious about Digital Humanities? Or want to enhance your existing skills in a particular DH area (texts, music, citizen science, TIE, linked-data, etc.)?

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