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2018.11.12 | Publication

The Perception of Spontaneous and Volitional Laughter Across 21 Societies

Article published in Psychological science

2018.11.09 | People

Rebekah Baglini, Postdoc

New face at IMC

2018.10.31 | Conference

High Tech – Human Health: Fremtidens løsninger i sundhedssektoren

Conference at AU 4th December

2018.10.30 | Publication

Student and staff perceptions of alcohol as part of student life in Denmark: A Q methodology study

Article by Mette Terp Høybye et al published in PLOS one

2018.10.30 | Publication

Reporting your ‘dream self’

Paper from the Psychologist: Christine Parsons and Melanie Rosen on how we construct an image by sharing activity data and dream reports

2018.10.24 | Grants

Micah Allen receives Lundbeck Foundation Fellowship

Micah’s research focuses on our gut feelings. His theory is that our decisions are rarely completely rational and we are strongly influenced by gut feelings. Micah will be investigating whether these gut feelings are actually linked to the signals sent from our inner organs to the brain. “I’ll be conducting experiments using beta blockers, to see…

2018.10.24 | People , PLAYTrack

Stine Strøm Lundsgård, Intern

New face at IMC

2018.10.24 | People

Anders Norge Lauridsen, Visiting PhD student

New face at IMC

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