2018.02.09 | Calls

Fondation Fyssen - Call for Projects

Post-doctoral Study Grants

2018.02.09 | Grants, Research, People

MeInWe - Personalized Medicine in the Welfare State

Andreas Roepstorff is member of the Core Research Group in large research project supported by the Carlsberg Foundation. MeInWe explores how strategies of tailoring diagnosis, treatment and prevention to individual genetic variability challenge existing ethical, organizational and regulatory frameworks in medicine. The project asks two central…

2018.02.08 | People


From 1 April to 30 June 2018 Henning Drews, Centre for Integrative Psychiatry, University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel will be a visiting researcher at IMC. Contact: Henning Drews

2018.02.08 | People


Professor David Eilam, Tel Aviv University, is at Aarhus University in May on a Teaching Mobility Grant. Bio of David Eilam: I study the behavior of animals and humans. Our research is based on videotaping behavior in various contexts ranging from animals learning unfamiliar environments or confronting a predator, to humans performing sport or…

2018.02.08 | People


Professor Joe Dumit, University of California Davis, US will be a visiting guest researcher at IMC through April. From the AUFF IMC has received funding for the project titled: Critical Collaborations between Anthropology, Cognitive Science, and Data Science. Bio of Joseph Dumit: Joseph Dumit is Director of the Institute for Social…

2018.02.01 | Grants, People

Embodied Critical Thinking

IMC partner in new project funded by The Icelandic Center for Research

Mads Dalegård - Foto-Medieafdelingen Moesgård

2018.01.29 | Grants

Hvorfor ofre et menneskeliv?

Det spørgsmål skal et nyt forskningsprojekt blandt andet søge at besvare. Med en stor millionbevilling i ryggen på knap ti millioner kroner fra Norges forskningsråd vil arkæolog Mette Løvschal og antropolog Mette-Louise Johansen fra Aarhus Universitet i samarbejde med en større tværdisciplinær forskningsgruppe undersøge menneskeofringer som…

2018.01.26 | People

Charlotte Ettrup Christiansen - New PhD student

Art as social process: Experiences of self and literary fiction in Shared Reading groups for vulnerable youth in Denmark

2018.01.25 | Calls

New IMC Seed Funding Call open

Deadline 4th April 2018

Photo: Aarhus University

2018.01.17 | Media coverage, People , Research

Grammatical category influences lateralized imagery for sentences, Language and Cognition

Research by Mikkel Wallentin et al mentioned at

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