2017.03.01 | Publication

Intuitive parenting: understanding the neural mechanisms of parents’ adaptive responses to infants

When interacting with an infant, parents intuitively enact a range of behaviours that support infant communicative development. These behaviours include altering speech, establishing eye contact and mirroring infant expressions and are argued to occur largely in the absence of conscious intent. Here, we describe studies investigating early,…

2017.02.23 | Research

Vejen til ny viden er brolagt med uvant samarbejde

Andreas Roepstorff fra Interacting Minds Centre er kendt for sin evne til at samle forskere i projekter, hvor tværfagligheden bliver løftestang for nye forskningsspørgsmål. For nylig fik han et ordinært, men atypisk professorat - delt imellem Institut for Klinisk Medicin og Institut for Kultur og Samfund.

2017.02.08 | Education

Let's Face Complexity - New Bridges Between Physical and Social Sciences

Summer School at Lake Como School of Advanced Studies

2017.02.07 | Knowledge exchange

Andreas Roepstorff - About talking to trees

Article (in Danish) from Vaekstcenteret (Centre for Growth)

2017.01.31 | Grants

Grant for research in "personal medicine"

The research Department DEFACTUM, Social & Health Services and Labour Market has received 0,5 mio. kr. from the The Central Danish Region Research Foundation

2017.01.27 | Grants

Alterations to the sense of agency across conscious states

Grant from the Carlsberg Foundation to new project at IMC

2017.01.26 | Education

The Social Brain: Embodiment & Culture

Interdisciplinary Summer School June 25th –July 1st 2017, Hotel Apollo, Aegina, Greece

2017.01.26 | Publication

Remembering religious rituals: autobiographical memories of high-arousal religious rituals considered from a narrative processing perspective

Valerie van Mulukom has published article in Religion, Brain and Behavior

Foto: Shutterstock

2017.01.26 | Publication

Fencing bodes a rapid collapse of the unique Greater Mara ecosystem

Mette Løvschal et al published new article in 'Scientific Reports'

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