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Interacting Minds Podcast

Interacting Minds is an interdisciplinary research podcast hosted by Arnault-Quentin Vermillet and Savhannah Schulz.

In each episode, the two are joined by fellow interdisciplinary researchers to explore and discuss the work they have been doing and share a glimpse of the journey that brought them there.

On this site, you can find a full list of episodes including Show Notes with links and helpful resources. 


The podcast is edited and produced by Kirsi Tilk, Arnault-Quentin Vermillet and Savhannah Schulz
Music by Simon Karg. Artwork by Savhannah Schulz. 

Supported by the Interacting Minds Centre Seed Funding Grant. 

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Season 1: Research on Play and Playfulness (Hosted by Kim Holflod and Savhannah Schulz)

Collaboration, Autism and Play (Ella Paldam)

Collaboration researcher Ella Paldam (Interacting Minds Centre) joins us for this episode to talk about the question that drives her as a researcher: How do humans understand and communicate with each other across different worldviews? 

We revisit her academic starting points doing research with the Chumash, a Native American people in California, and then move towards her current work as part of the CollaboLearn project developing play-based social learning curricula for - and in collaboration with - children on the spectrum and their learning community.

Surprise, Fear, Cognition, and Play (Marc Malmdorf Andersen)

Play Researcher Marc Malmdorf Andersen (Interacting Minds Centre & Recreational Fear Lab) has stopped by to talk about his cognitive theory of play, recreational fear, dark play, and why sweet spots of surprise could be at the core of making sense of why humans of all ages play. 

We also get to talk about some of Marc’s past and future research endeavours: Studying senses of agency in Ouija Board sessions, asking participants to detect beings in a virtual reality forest, and using a range of empirical methods to study people voluntarily seeking out frightening experiences in a haunted house.  

Live Action Role Play, Imagination and Autism (Ingela Visuri)

Interdisciplinary scholar Ingela Visuri (Dalarna University & Interacting Minds Centre) has come over from Sweden to talk about her new research project that explores to what extent educational live action role playing (eduLARP) contributes to social and theoretical learning in autistic youths.

We revisit the epiphany that started her research career while a religion studies teacher at a Secondary School in Sweden and follow her path as a curious mixed-methods scholar to the present day.

Tinkering, Play and the Adjacent Possible (Amos Blanton)

Constructivist Designer, Educator and Researcher Amos Blanton (Interacting Minds Centre & Dokk1, Aarhus Public Library) joins us this episode to talk about tinkering, play, and the adjacent possibilities that come with it.

We talk about past endeavours - running the Scratch online community, designing learning through play experiences in LEGO House, founding the LEGO Idea Studio, and co-developing the vision for the Scintillae Research Atelier - and then move to Amos current research on Collective Creativity and how solar art machines offer wonderful opportunities to invite collaborative creativity, shared decision making and cultural transmission.

Season 2: Research & (Hosted by Arnault-Quentin Vermillet and Savhannah Schulz)