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Photo: Tariq Mikkel Khan, Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond

2018.11.30 | Grants

ERC funding for studying human adaptations during the last ice age

Felix Riede has received a Consolidator Grant from the European Research Council for studying human responses to rapidly changing climates and environments, migration and adaptation.

2018.11.23 | Grants

Tracing uncertainties of prognostics, at the intersection of scientific and clinical reasoning around patients with severe brain injury

Associate professor Mette Terp Høybye has been awarded a Carlsberg Foundation Distinguished Fellowship of DKK 2,897,000 for the project “Borderlands of living. Tracing states of (un-)consciousness between the irreversible and the potential” The project will be carried out at the IMC and Silkeborg Regional Hospital over the…

2018.11.22 | Grants, PLAYTrack

How do children co-create play interaction?

Ella Paldam has been awarded a Carlsberg Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship in Denmark grant of DKK 1.250.000 for the project ‘How do children co-create play interaction? Cultural frameworks for collaboration.’ The project will be carried out at the IMC for the next three years. Ella Paldam’s research is co-funded by the PLAYTrack project and…

Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Kommunikation

2018.11.21 | People

Ning de Coninck-Smith appointed Professor at Danish School of Education

From 1st September Ning de Coninck-Smith is appointed Professor in hisory of education. Read the news here

2018.11.20 | People

Welcome to the future - TV documentary on contemplation

Andreas Roepstorff participated in a TV documentary at DR K 20th November 2018: Welcome to the future - contemplation Link to broadcast

2018.11.13 | Grants


Comparative perspectives on wellbeing and citizenship through Shared Reading in Denmark and Brazil

2018.11.12 | Publication

The emergence of systematicity: How environmental and communicative factors shape a novel communication system

IMC researchers published new article in the journal Cognition

2018.11.12 | Publication

The Perception of Spontaneous and Volitional Laughter Across 21 Societies

Article published in Psychological science

2018.11.09 | People

Rebekah Baglini, Postdoc

New face at IMC

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