2016.04.29 | Awards, Publication

IMC Researchers win Best Paper Award

Interdisciplinary team of IMC researchers take the prize at COMPLEXIS 2016 The article "Inferring Causality from Noisy Time Series Data" was presented by lead author Dan Mønster at the 1st International Conference on Complex Information Systems — COMPLEXIS 2016, in Rome; and received the best paper award. The article is the product of…

2016.04.28 | Grants, Research, People

Time to Read / Tid til læsning

Mette Steenberg projektleder for nyt kultur- og sundhedstilbud for grupper af sårbare borgere: ”Tid til Læsning” - Læsegrupper baseret på Guidet fælleslæsning

2016.04.27 | Research, Media coverage

IMC forsker Mette Steenberg, formand for Læseforeningen, deltager i DRK's tv-program "Kunstens skjulte kræfter"

Tema om kunst og litteratur og behandling af bl.a. psykiatriske patienter

2016.04.26 | Research news, Research

Play as a field for research

Creativity, engagement and lifelong learning are three key focal points for PLAYTrack, a new research project at the Interacting Minds Centre at Aarhus University in Denmark. The project is funded by the LEGO Foundation, which is supporting this collaborative venture with a sum amounting to DKK 12 million. Over the coming five-year period, the…

Tegning: Anne-Marie Steen Petersen

2016.04.19 | Research policy

Det var ikke Steve Jobs, der opfandt iPhonen

Kronik i Politiken 19.04.16 - skrevet af Kirsten Drotner, SDU og Andreas Roepstorff, IMC

2016.04.18 | Publication, Research

Groups synchronize their hearts and behaviors in a collective creative task

New article published in Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance

Ill: Colourbox

2016.04.14 | Publication, Research

Mennesket er den nye supersomputer

Forskere fra bl.a. IMC har i det ansete tidsskrift Nature publiceret resultater fra et nyt studie

Foto: Shutterstock

2016.04.14 | Research, Publication, Media coverage

Are they friends or not? Just a second of laughter can reveal relationship status

An international team of researchers - 3 of which part of IMC - built a network of participants across 24 cultures to answer the question: can we assess whether people are friends or strangers by the way they laugh together? The answer is yes. Participants across the world, from urban USA to hunter-gatherer tribes in Tanzania, can all recognize…

Illustration: ScienceAtHome

2016.04.14 | Research, Publication, Media coverage

New article in Nature: Exploring the quantum speed limit with computer games

IMC Researchers Andreas Lieberoth and Jacob Sherson et al. have published results from a new study

2016.04.11 | Research, Calls

A position as Research Associate is available at Duke University

The Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University is currently seeking a full-time research associate to join our team to plan and conduct experiments, analyze data, and report findings on a variety of behavioral economics research studies.

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