2016.10.14 | Events

ISCS Scholarships - Fall 2016

The Mind & Life Institute is providing 400 scholarships for up-and-coming scholars and scientists to attend the 2016 International Symposium for Contemplative Studies (ISCS)

2016.10.05 | Grants

Mind and Life Institute Think Tank Award for Microphenomenology of Contemplative Practice

The Mind and Life Institute has awarded a grant of USD 10.000 for a workshop bringing together scholars from the humanities and sciences with contemplative practitioners to explore and develop the use of microphenomenology in the study, practice and application of contemplative practice. The meeting, which will take place in Paris in late January…

2016.10.04 | Awards

Strategic Management Society Award to IMC Researchers

Oana Vuculescu and Carsten Bergenhotlz received the award for 2016 Best Research Doctoral Student or First Author. The award was given for the best PhD-student paper (co-authored by max 1 senior) within the Behavioral Strategy interest group, at the Strategic Management Society conference in Berlin (17-20th September). The SMS conference is the…

2016.10.04 | Publication

Sound–meaning association biases evidenced across thousands of languages

Article by Morten H. Christiansen et al. published in PNAS

2016.10.04 | Events

Interacting Minds in Collaboration Storified

The Interacting Minds in Collaboration Symposium had a an unusual number of heavy duty twitters in the audience, and #IMC10 was at several times the top trending anchor in the Danish twitter sphere. Thanks to these amazing participants, and to the IT skills of @introspection, you can experience the condensed version of the symposium as a storify…

2016.09.27 | Events

These days the IMC is celebrating ten years of cooperation with Chris and Uta Frith and five years as Research Centre at AU.

In 2012, The Interacting Minds Centre was established at Aarhus University as part of a strategic initiative to foster interdisciplinary and cross-faculty collaborations. The first five years are coming to an end, it has been a wonderful, inquisitive, and fun journey; and it is set for continuation; the Faculty of Arts has decided to support the…

2016.09.27 | Events

When Minds Are Interacting

These days the IMC is celebrating ten years of cooperation with Chris and Uta Frith and five years as Research Centre at AU. See the interview with Andreas Roepstorff and Chris Frith, founders of the Centre: When Minds are Interacting

2016.09.21 | Grants, People

IMC Postdoc Francesca Fardo receives grant from the Danish Council for Independent Research

Project: High precision magnetoencephalography of pain and temperature-related brain signals

2016.09.20 | Research

Pokémon GO opfylder vores behov

IMC forsker Andreas Lieberoth, der forsker i spilpsykologi, forklarer hvorfor spillet er blevet så populært blandt både børn og voksne

2016.09.16 | Research

IMC collaboration with University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Blurred boundaries. Intersubjectivity and differentation (BBID) IMC is collaborating with researchers in Finland Project description: Our current understanding of human interaction is dominated by a way of thinking that underlines the cognitive boundaries between self and other(s). The BBID research project sets out with the hypothesis that…

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