2017.09.26 | Administrative conditions

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Cognitive Neuroscience

Position available at The School of Culture and Society

2017.09.22 | People

New face at IMC

Mette Terp Høybye is joining IMC as an associate professor at the Department of Clinical Medicine, AU for 20% of her time and spends the remaining 80% of her position at the Interdisciplinary Research Unit in the Elective Surgery Center, Silkeborg Regional Hospital. Mette is an interdisciplinary researcher with a background in anthropology and…

2017.09.21 | Reception

Book Reception: Analysing Design Thinking

Studies of Cross-Cultural Co-Creation

2017.09.12 | Events

Improve your software development skills

Interacting Minds Centre and Cognition and Behavior Lab host two workshops aimed at helping researchers and students improving their software development skills. For many researchers, computer programming is a necessary skill enabling their research, e.g.reproducible data analysis, harvesting data from the web, solving mathematical models,…

2017.09.04 | Conference

International PlayTrack Conference 2017: Call for poster abstracts

Submit your poster abstracts for the inaugural PlayTrack Conference 2017 - a conference dedicated to understanding better "Playful experiences – designs, characteristics and research". Students may apply for scholarships for travel and accommodation.

2017.09.04 | People

Professor Michael Bang Petersen nominated Jens Christian Skou Fellow

From 1st February 2018 and for 12 months Michael Bang Petersen will be JCS Fellow at Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies. During his JCS Senior fellowship Michael Bang Petersen will be working on the project "Political Rumors: Why Do They Spread and How Can They Be Stopped?" Read about the project here Welcome to 23 new AIAS…

2017.08.31 | People

Professor Morten Christiansen elected Fellow of the Cognitive Science Society

Fellows of the Cognitive Science Society are individuals whose research has exhibited sustained excellence and had sustained impact on the Cognitive Science community. A Fellow’s research is typically inter-disciplinary but may be disciplinary research with significant impact on Cognitive Science. Fellows often participate significantly in the…

2017.08.25 | People

New face at IMC

Assistant Professor Cordula Vesper

2017.08.24 | People

New Associate Professor in Neolithic and Cognitive Archaeology

Archaeologist and IMC associated researcher Niels Nørkjær Johannsen is from 1st August 2017 announced as Associate Professor at the School of Culture and Society. Niels is a Stone Age specialist with main research interests in the European Neolithic, in cognitive archaeology and in various other aspects of archaeological theory and…

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