2017.01.10 | People

Andreas Roepstorff Professor in Cognition, Communication and Culture

From 1 January Andreas Roepstorff has been appointed permanent Professor in Cognition, Communication and Culture - a joint position between Department of Clinical Medicine and School of Culture and Society. Andreas will continue as Director of the Intercting Minds Centre in the period 2017-2019, where the Centre will be funded by Arts, Health and…

2017.01.10 | Publication

Discriminating between first- and second-order cognition in first-episode paranoid schizophrenia

Article published in Cognitive Neuropsychiatry by Vibeke Bliksted et al.

2016.12.22 | People

Vibeke Fuglsang Bliksted new Associate Professor

From January 2017 Vibeke Fuglsang Bliksted will be Associate professor in Social Cognition and Cognitive Treatment in schizophrenia at Department of Clicical Medicine, Aarhus University. Vibeke is also associated with the interacting Minds Centre and Department of General Psychiatry at Aarhus University Hospital Contact: Vibeke Fuglsang…

2016.12.22 | Research

Network for Gender Research Further Strengthened

Until now, GIR (Gendering in Research Network) has been connected with and financed by the Interacting Minds Centre, but for the next two years, it is further strengthened to the benefit of everyone with an interest in gender research at Aarhus University.

2016.12.19 | Grants

Calculus of Culture Network receives grant from the Danish Council for Independent Research

The International Network Programme granted 300.000 kr. for network based at IMC

2016.12.14 | Grants, People

Christine Parsons receives 2,3 mio. kr. from Trygfonden for new research project on mental health

Using Wearable Technology to improve patient adherence to an evidence-based psychological treatment

Foto: Ng Han Guan/Polfoto

2016.12.14 | Research

Robotterne kommer. Men hvem har ansvaret?

Dagbladet information 31. oktober 2016 - af Andreas Roepstorff

2016.12.12 | Publication

Independent Neural Computation of Value from Other People's Confidence

Article by IMC Researchers Daniel Campbell-Meiklejohn, Arndis Simonsen, Chris D. Frith et al published in The Journal of Neuroscience

2016.12.09 | Grants

Grant from The Aarhus University Research Foundation to IMC Researcher

Professor Michael Bang Petersen (Political Science) has been granted DKK 2.7 million to examine the psychology behind political rumours and misinformation on social media.

2016.12.08 | People , Events

Homo concretus - How social interaction cultivates direct experience into abstract thoughts

Theresa Schilhab (DPU) defends her doctoral thesis Tuesday 13 December

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