2016.09.02 | People

Panagiotis Mitkidis Associated Professor in Behavioral Economics

IMC Researcher Panagiotis Mitkidis has been appointed Associate Professor in Behavioral Economics at Dept. of Management, Aarhus BSS from 1 October 2016.  Panos is also Associate Professor at Duke University, Center for Advanced Hindsight and associated researcher at…

2016.09.01 | Research

Er vi danskere bange for ruiner?

IMC-forsker, Mette Løvschal er blev interviewet til Politikens Kultursektion 30. august 2016. Er vi danskere bange for ruiner? Kontakt: Mette Løvschall, Forhistorisk Arkæologi

Left to right: Djuke Veldhuis, Vanessa Ferdinand, Caitlin Stern, Jessica Barker
View from the Alaska Native village of Klukwan, where the researchers carried out many surveys and interviews

2016.08.30 | Research

How is cooperation among groups different to cooperation within groups?

IMC seed grant funds project on Alaska Native inter-group cooperation

2016.08.25 | Education news

Hjerner hitter på Arts

Uddannelsen hedder Cognitive Science og har taget AU’s kommende studerende med storm. Artikel fra univ ersitetsavisen Omnibus

2016.08.22 | Events

Interacting Minds in Collaboration Symposium 28-30 September

Registration is open!

2016.08.02 | Knowledge exchange, Media coverage

Religionsrapport: Vi er rituelle væsener III

Jesper Sørensen medvirker i radioprogram på DR P1

Cognitive Science students at Aarhus University studying brain activity with electroencephalography (EEG)

2016.08.01 | Education

Cognitive Science education very popular among young people

The bachelor programme in Cognitive Science continues to be successful among prospective students in its 2nd year. This year 569 people applied for the programme through the Danish quota 1 system. Here, students are admitted on the basis of their secondary school grade average.  The programme admits 60 students per year, starting in…

2016.07.29 | People

Bereavement: John McGraw

John McGraw very unexpectedly died last week. He had only complained about slight dizziness and unease, before he quietly passed away at his desk at home in California.  It makes no sense. John had so much to give to the world: ideas, insights, friendliness, and the ever present joke cracking just behind the dead pan smile. He was in Aarhus…


2016.07.26 | Knowledge exchange, Media coverage

What happened to the ice bucket challenge?

Dimitris Xygalatas talks to The New Yorker on charity, ritual, and buckets full of ice

2016.07.26 | Knowledge exchange

The Psychology of Ritualized Suffering

Blog by Dimitris Xygalatas, IMC and University of Connecticut

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