2016.07.29 | People

Bereavement: John McGraw

John McGraw very unexpectedly died last week. He had only complained about slight dizziness and unease, before he quietly passed away at his desk at home in California.  It makes no sense. John had so much to give to the world: ideas, insights, friendliness, and the ever present joke cracking just behind the dead pan smile. He was in Aarhus…


2016.07.26 | Knowledge exchange, Media coverage

What happened to the ice bucket challenge?

Dimitris Xygalatas talks to The New Yorker on charity, ritual, and buckets full of ice

2016.07.26 | Knowledge exchange

The Psychology of Ritualized Suffering

Blog by Dimitris Xygalatas, IMC and University of Connecticut

2016.07.04 | Knowledge exchange

Software Carpentry Workshop 22-23 August at IMC

The workshop aims to develop research skills by equipping scientists with fundamental computing skills that play an ever-increasing role in the life of a researcher

2016.06.29 | Events

Interacting Minds in Collaboration Symposium 28-30 September 2016

In 2012, The Interacting Minds Centre was established at Aarhus University as part of a strategic initiative to foster interdisciplinary and cross-faculty collaborations. The first five years are coming to an end, it has been a wonderful, inquisitive, and fun journey; and it is set for continuation; the Faculty of Arts has decided to support the…

2016.06.17 | Grants, People

IMC Affiliated Researcher Felix Riede has received a Sapere Aude Grant

Apocalypse then? -The Laacher See volcanic eruption (13,000 years before present), Deep Environmental History and Europe’s geo-cultural heritage

2016.06.08 | Research

Cooperation is more stable in large networks

A new model developed by researchers at Aarhus University predicts that networks can only support cooperation if they are big enough to do so.

2016.06.03 | Publication

Anxiety and ritualization: Can attention discriminate compulsion from routine?

New publication in Communicative & Integrative Biology by IMC researcher Dimitris Xygalatas and colleagues

2016.05.23 | Research, People , Grants

Andreas Roepstorff involved in ERC Advanced Grant, hosted by University of Edinburgh

"Expecting Ourselves – Embodied Prediction and the Construction of Conscious Experience"

2016.05.19 | Research, Media coverage

Social objects in the brain

A new study from IMC researchers published in the scientific journal NeuroImage

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