2016.11.11 | Workshop

Summit on citizen science, cognitive science, and machine learning,

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) strategies utilizing big data have recently demonstrated remarkable achievements in solving hard computational problems.

2016.11.07 | Research, People

IMC Researcher Simon Høffding in The New York Times

Simon Høffding is currently Postdoc at IMC and his PhD dissertation is mentioned in an article by David Allen in The New York Times.

2016.11.03 | Grants

Aarhus University Research Foundation grants 2 mio kr. to IMC researcher

Katerina Peterkova and Panos Mitkidis receives AUFF Starting Grant for the project "Pharmaceuticals in the environment: Legal Solutions informed by behavioral science"

2016.10.26 | Publication

Samarbejdets markører

Andreas Roepstorffs har skrevet en artikel til Carlsbergfondets Årsskrift 2016

2016.10.26 | Grants

Erasmus Teaching Mobility

Grants for Teaching stay at eg. University of London.

2016.10.26 | People


IMC Researcher Riccardo Fusaroli has been appointed Associate Professor in Cognitive Science at the School of Communication and Culture at Aarhus University from 1 November 2016. Congratulations! Contact: Riccardo Fusaroli

2016.10.26 | Publication

Arousal exerts an unconscious influence on what we see

IMC Affiliated Researchers Micah Allen (UCL) and Francesca Fardo (The Danish Pain Research Centre, AU) published a study in eLife, investigating the effect of unconscious arousal on how confident participants felt about what they were seeing when completing a simple task

2016.10.14 | Events

ISCS Scholarships - Fall 2016

The Mind & Life Institute is providing 400 scholarships for up-and-coming scholars and scientists to attend the 2016 International Symposium for Contemplative Studies (ISCS)

2016.10.05 | Grants

Mind and Life Institute Think Tank Award for Microphenomenology of Contemplative Practice

The Mind and Life Institute has awarded a grant of USD 10.000 for a workshop bringing together scholars from the humanities and sciences with contemplative practitioners to explore and develop the use of microphenomenology in the study, practice and application of contemplative practice. The meeting, which will take place in Paris in late January…

2016.10.04 | Awards

Strategic Management Society Award to IMC Researchers

Oana Vuculescu and Carsten Bergenhotlz received the award for 2016 Best Research Doctoral Student or First Author. The award was given for the best PhD-student paper (co-authored by max 1 senior) within the Behavioral Strategy interest group, at the Strategic Management Society conference in Berlin (17-20th September). The SMS conference is the…

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