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Autism@Aarhus 2017 Symposium

7th Anniversary Meeting

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Tuesday 12 September 2017,  at 13:00 - 16:40


DNC Auditorium, Building 10G, Aarhus University Hospital, Nørrebrogade 44, 8000 Aarhus C.


Josh and Raffaele

Please come to the seventh Autism@Aarhus Anniversary meeting.

You will hear what is happening now in autism research within, as well as outside, Aarhus University.


We look forward to seeing you!




13.00-13.10  Uta Frith
Welcome & Introduction

13.10-13.55 + 10 mins Q&A
John McGrath (Queensland Brain Institute, The University of Queensland; Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research)
Gestational Vitamin D deficiency and autism-related traits: The Generation R Study

14.05-14.35 + 10 mins Q&A
Rebecca Lawson
(University College London)
Weighing the past against the present: learning to build expectations in autism

15.45-15.05  Break with Refreshments

15.05-15.25 + 5 mins Q&A
Ingela Visuri
(Södertörn University)
Rethinking autism, theism, and atheism: bodiless agents and imaginary realities

15.30-15.50 + 5 mins Q&A

Hanna Thaler (tentative) & Joshua Skewes (Aarhus University)
Autistic traits predict weaker sensitivity to reward in emotion perception

15.55-16.20 + 10 mins Q&A
Jørgen Scheel-Krüger, Freja Bertelsen & Arne Møller
(Aarhus University)
The rodent valproate model of autism: chronic and acute valproate models

16.30-16.50 + 5 mins Q&A
Diana Schendel (Aarhus University)
Outcomes, services and care in adults with autism: An update from the Autism Spectrum Disorders in the European Union (ASDEU) project

16.55-17.00  Uta Frith
Concluding Remarks