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Collective intelligence in the cultural brain - from theory to data and back again

Talk by Dominik Deffner, MPI for Evolutionary Anthropology

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Tuesday 9 February 2021,  at 11:00 - 13:00


Zoom meeting ID 563 610 6271




Humans adapt collectively through individual exploration, social learning and the gradual accumulation of cultural information. In my talk, I will outline how formal evolutionary theory in combination with collective learning experiments and computational modelling can help us better understand the mechanisms underlying the unique adaptability of our species. I will focus on an experimental project entitled "Dynamic Social Learning in temporally and spatially variable environments" and describe my complete workflow from data simulation to data collection and data analysis.


Dominik Deffner, Doctoral Student
Max Planck  Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
Department of Human Behavior, Ecology and Culture