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Conference on Sexism in Organizations

Network for Gendering in Research Conference

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Saturday 26 November 2022,  at 09:30 - 17:00


Nobelsalen (building 1485, room 123) at Aarhus University

This conference aims to address organizational challenges with sexism and gender equality more broadly. The conference is designed for academics within this field as well as individuals or organizations who wish to work with the challenges of sexism and gender equality in their own organization. 
We offer inspiration on: 
(a) how we can understand sexism and gender equality challenges, and 
(b) how we might address these challenges through concrete tools
We aim to assists the conference participants in developing a deeper understanding of these complex issues, while also offering concrete tools to deal with these types of challenges. 

  • Professor Anette Borchorst from Aalborg University
  • Assistant Professor Ea Høg Utoft from Radbourd University 
  • Head of the Gender Equality Team Eva Sophia Myers from University of Southern Denmark
  • Associate Professor Claudia Eger from Copenhagen Business School
  • Head of Diversity & Inclusion Theresa Ammann from Vestas
  • PhD Fellow Marie Maegaard Wengler from Copenhagen Business School (CBS) 

Organized in collaboration with the Department of Clinical Medicine and the Interacting Minds Centre, Aarhus University