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IMC Bootcamp on Visual Attention

The third IMC Bootcamp will be presented by Joshua Skewes, Jacob Lund Orquin, Matthias Müller and Tim J. Smith

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Tuesday 24 November 2015,  at 09:30 - 16:30


IMC Meeting Room


Katrin Heimann

Every last Tuesday in the month, from September 2015 on, the IMC is organizing a full-day interactive workshop, each featuring one hot topic in cognitive neuroscience research. We will have a group of researchers presenting various methodological approaches to the topic in the morning, and this is concluded with an open discussion in the afternoon about how we can meaningfully investigate this topic "in interaction", and what the theoretical implications are. 

The topic of the third bootcamp is visual attention!

Attention is central to human cognition. It controls which information we take in from the world through our senses, and regulates all of our conscious thoughts and intentional actions. Cognitively speaking, our attention defines us, by regulating how we interact with and inhabit the world. Attention is also crucial to our social life. What we attend to and how we attend both shapes, and is shaped by, our social interactions. And the ability to share attention with others plays an enormous role in our ontogenetic and phylogenetic development. Attention research thus has important implications across many IMC research activities. But the field can also be daunting. Cognitive research on attention is a very well established, and therefore highly complex, field of research. The purpose of this bootcamp is to open up this field to IMC researchers, by way of introduction to core and applied topics. The bootcamp will give a broad survey of the field, and discuss applications to neuroscience, eye movement research, clinical research, and applications to the study of film. This will open up for a discussion of novel applications of methods and concepts from attention research in IMC projects. 

Confirmed speakers:

Joshua Skewes - talking about behavioral measures of attention


Jacob Lund Orquin - talking about eyetracking and attention


Matthias Müller - talking on EEG markers of feature based attention 


Tim J. Smith - talking about social attention in and at the movies


Participation is open to all, but registration is required, see link below.

PhD Students can receive credits for active participation (including literature preparation and documentation), see phdcourses.dk/Course/41214 (to be updated).