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The Role of Ethics in Interdisciplinary Research in Artificial Intelligence

IMC Tuesday Seminar: Talk by Giada Pistilli, Principal Ethicist at Hugging Face, PhD Candidate in Philosophy at Sorbonne Université

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Tuesday 24 October 2023,  at 11:00 - 12:30


Jens Chr. Skous Vej 4, 8000 Aarhus C, building 1483, room 312 and online (https://aarhusuniversity.zoom.us/my/imcevent)


Interacting Minds Centre


As Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes increasingly integrated into our daily lives, its governance cannot be left to STEM disciplines alone. This talk aims to shed light on the indispensable role of ethics in the interdisciplinary research landscape of AI. We will journey through the complexities that arise when ethical considerations intersect with legal frameworks and technical capabilities. We will then delve into the role of philosophy and, more specifically, ethics in guiding AI research and governance. We will scrutinize different facets of compliance and understand how moral values serve as its backbone. Following this, we will discuss a pragmatic approach to values through the lens of John Dewey's philosophy and contemplate the intrinsic nature of these values. The conversation will then pivot from ethics to law, examining the transition from the AI Act to the development and use of Model Cards. In an effort to bridge theory and practice, we will explore the governance of AI through the collaboration of ethics, law, and computer science. We will illustrate these relationships through a practical case study — the BigScience workshop and its multilingual Large Language Model, BLOOM.

About the speaker

Giada Pistilli is a philosophy researcher specializing in ethics applied to Conversational AI. Her research mainly focuses on ethical frameworks, value theory, applied and descriptive ethics. After obtaining a master’s degree in ethics and political philosophy at Sorbonne University, she pursued her doctoral research in the same faculty. Giada is also the Principal Ethicist at Hugging Face, where she conducts philosophical and interdisciplinary research on AI Ethics and content moderation.

Free of charge - All are welcome