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Opening of Helene Nymanns exhibition at Kunsthal Aarhus

Kunsthal Aarhus invites you to a summer party on the occasion of the opening of two exhibitions and a monumental sculpture

2019.06.07 | Anne-Mette Pedersen

Date Fri 14 Jun
Time 17:00 20:00
Location Kunsthal Aarhus, J. M. Mørks Gade 13, 8000 Aarhus

Image: Rikke Luther, from the work series The Universal Map, 2016


Exhibition period 14.06.-15.09.2019

Rikke Luther
Corruption – We Lost Control Again

Helene Nymann
Ars Memoria – Memes For Imagination

14.06.2019 →
Jimmie Durham
Pagliaccio non son

Helene Nymann's (b. 1982) exhibition Ars Memoria – Memes for Imagination occurs in the space between art and science as she tries to answer the questions: How do we remember? How do we forget? The exhibition is a result of the research project Memories of Sustainable Futures: Remembering in the Digital Age, which Nymann has been working on since September 2018 at Interacting Minds Centre, Aarhus University, in close collaboration with Kunsthal Aarhus.

Rikke Luther's (b. 1970) exhibition Corruption – We Lost Control Again is an artistic investigation on how humanity takes natural resources for granted, in some cases commercialising them beyond the capacity of nature’s vulnerable systems, which may ultimately lead to ecological collapse. Through video, photography, textile, fossils and stone axes as well as big research-based illustrations, Luther is mapping how humanity affects our surroundings with consequences for plants, animals and organisms – our entire planet.

Jimmie Durham's (b. 1940) monumental sculpture Pagliaccio non son (Translation: I am not a clown) in Kunsthal Aarhus' Sculpture Park is made of a mahogany trunk from Congo that was once destined to become German veneer for exclusive yachts. By exhibiting the trunk Durham demonstrates the majestical beauty of the tree, and how thoughtlessly we often treat natural resources.


Ceremony / Opening
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