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Talk by Katrin Heimann, IMC

Vitality affects of a website - what we were not used to think about #WeUsedTo

2021.02.17 | Anne-Mette Pedersen

Date Tue 18 May
Time 11:00 12:30
Location Zoom meeting https://aarhusuniversity.zoom.us/my/imcevents


Vitality affects of a website - what we were not used to think about #WeUsedTo


On explicit demand I will take the opportunity to continue last week´s focus on ongoing work within the art-research collaboration EER. In particular, my talk will present micro-phenomenological (MP) data on the experience of #weusedto, a website launched in May 2020 as a tool to explore how the Covid-19 pandemic disrupts lives around the world by prompting reflections about our past and present realities. I hope that the presentation will not only allow portraying and discussing MP as a tool in the design of human computer interactions but also as a means to document the experience of art-science-interventions and will bring us to talk about the further use of the data as well as the website and its concept as such.  

The weusedto website: https://www.weused.to/
See last weeks talk here: https://interactingminds.au.dk/videos/
See more about the EER project here: https://www.eer.info/

About the speaker

Katrin Heimann is a trained philosopher (M.A.) and cognitive neuroscientist (M.Sc., PhD i), currently working as Assistant Professor at the Interacting Minds Centre. Katrin is deeply convinced of the need for triangulation in any kind of research around cognition and has specialised herself in a specific interview method, Micro-Phenomenology (MP), that focuses on assessing subjective experiences. Since 2017 she has used MP in different contexts from lab work to art science collaborations to explore and promote comples phenomena such as playfulness and aesthetic experiences.

Katrin Heimann, Assistant Professor
School of Culture and Society, IMC