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I thought a ligament looked like an elastic band – Experiencing the living body through technology

Talk by Simone Cecilie Grytter, Dept. of Public Health, KU

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Tuesday 2 March 2021,  at 11:00 - 12:30


Zoom meeting ID 563 610 6271


Mette Terp


This talk is about what happens when patients look inside their own living body through medical technology, and how this changes their view of the body and illness. The research is a part of my PhD project: On the Inside, and builds on an ethnographic fieldwork at an orthopedic surgery unit.

I am furthermore interested in a broader understanding of seeing through technology and the power of mapping the bodily anatomy. My project is situated between the clinic and the museum space.  I am a visual anthropologist and ethnologist and currently a PhD fellow at Medical Museion, Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen.

About the speaker:

Simone Cecilie Grytter, PhD Fellow
Department of Public Health, Medical Museon
Copenhagen University