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Charlotte Nørholm announced "shooting star" in competition

Danish Society for Psychosocial Medicine awarded her the prize in the category "Best Communicator"

2019.10.11 | Anne-Mette Pedersen

Photo: Dansk Selskab for Psykosocial Medicin

  Charlotte Nørholm was awarded “Best Communicator” in the Shooting Star competition at the Danish Society for Psychosocial Medicine after presenting her master thesis ‘Quantified Health: An Ethnographic Study of Digital Health Technologies in Juvenile Type 1 Diabetes’. The competition is an annual event that invites master students to present their thesis before a panel of experienced researchers.  

Charlotte Nørholm is a Research Assistant at IMC and works for the project "Experimenting, Experiencing, Reflecting". She hold a MSc in Anthropology and is doing experiments with researchers and artists.

Charlotte is currently preparing her PhD proposal for a study that aims to explore patient experiences with new technologies in diabetes treatment in Denmark.  

Read more about the competition here.