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Christine Parsons elected Vice Chairwoman

The Danish Society for Women in Science (DANWISE)

2020.10.30 | Anne-Mette Pedersen


Christine Parsons was elected as the new vice chair of the Danish Society for Women in Science (DANWISE) at the society’s Annual General Meeting.

Christine joined the core team of DANWISE in 2020, and was keen to take an active role within the society. In the coming year, Christine will hopes to focus on three main initiatives: advocating for a more balanced distribution of research funding, creating an award scheme for those working on advancing gender equality in Denmark, and developing a peer-support system for grant applications. 

"I joined DANWISE because I’d like to play my part in supporting diversity and equality in Danish academia. I am especially concerned about the leaky pipeline – the drain of women from the academic system at each stage of career progression. I see DANWISE as an important organisation in tackling systemic and cultural issues. I also appreciate the networking opportunities and community that DANWISE provides to its members, both within and across universities.

I’m a passionate runner in my free time. Like science, running rewards persistence - and both are a little easier after a coffee." says Christine Parsons.



The Danish Society for Women in Science (DANWISE) is a non-profit organization committed to BRIDGING THE GENDER GAP in the STEMM, humanities and social sciences fields in Denmark,
by increasing gender inequality awareness, by reducing gender biases and improving hiring and promotion of women.  

Link to DANWISE.



Christine Parsons, PhD, Associate Professor
Interacting Minds Center, Dept. of Clinical Medicine