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Christoph Mathys, Associate Professor

New face at IMC

2020.01.29 | Anne-Mette Pedersen

Chris has an MSc in Interdisciplinary Sciences and a PhD in Information Technology from ETH Zurich and an MSc in psychology and psychopathology from the University of Zurich. During his graduate studies, he developed the hierarchical Gaussian filter (HGF), a generic hierarchical Bayesian model of inference in volatile environments. Research in his group is focussed on the computational modelling of inference, learning, and action as they are implemented in the brain, with a particular focus on the role of neuromodulators. A key feature of this modelling is the reduction of Bayesian inference to updates driven by precision-weighted prediction errors, which has enabled the development of hierarchical models of message passing which are able to describe inferential failures giving rise to psychopathology.

At AU, Chris will be teaching in the Cognitive Science BSc and MSc programmes. He will bring his computational modelling and computational psychiatry expertise to the IMC and is excited about the opportunity to work at a place that offers new perspectives with its unique range of experts in cognition and modelling, and its excellent experimental facilities.    

Drop by and say hello to Chris from February 4th in office 1483-327.

PURE: Christoph Mathys, chmathys@cas.au.dk