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Coming soon! Season 3 of the Interacting Minds Podcast

Portraits of Research hosted by Kirsi Tilk

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Interacting Minds Podcast Season 3 : Portraits of Research (hosted by Kirsi Tilk) is launching on the 6th of May. This season is about the diversity of fields and researchers in it. From primordial human behavior to videogames as tools for learning, we dive deep into the various realities of research. The invited guests include Cordula Vesper, Rajiv Vaid Basaiawmoit, Lea Skewes, Niels Christian Hansen, Isobel Wisher, Kristian Tylén and Renee Lynn Ford.
The episodes will be released every Monday.

In the first episode, “Sexism in Academia”, Lea Skewes talks about her research on gender discrimination in academia. On the backdrop of the VIVE study, her research will shed light onto some systemic problems we encounter.  

Listen to the podcast here - https://interactingminds.au.dk/podcast