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Federica Bologna, visiting student

New face at IMC

2019.09.23 | Anne-Mette Pedersen

I am a MA student in Modern, Post-Colonial and Comparative Literature at University of Bologna, Italy. I will be your guest at the IMC until the end of December to work on my thesis project. This will be interested with studying the representations of space in 20th century US sci-fi novels, with a close focus on the comparison between urban and natural spaces. I have completed a BS in Foreign Languages and Literatures with a focus on contemporary US and Brazilian literature. I studied abroad at UCLA and have been a Italian teaching assistant at the Dickinson College center in Bologna. 

I m mostly interested in how computational tools can help studying cultural objects - specifically literature, since that is my background. I cannot wait to meet everyone at IMC and discover more about your projects. I am very grateful for the opportunity of working in this amazing environment.

Beware, I am a huge poetry fan. My surname really is Bologna, like the city where I studied; and my nickname really is Fede, which I recently discovered means "fatty" in Danish. Call me as you like, I will be happy to just meet you all.