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Ida Marie S. Lassen, Ph.D at CHCAA

New face at IMC

My name is Ida Marie and I have pr. 16/8 started my Ph.D. programme at CHCAA with Kristoffer Nielbo as supervisor. As part of the Fabula-NET project which aims at predicting the success of literary works, my project is to build the predictor model as unbiased and understandable as possible. 

Literary fiction provides a complex object for automated text assessment that opens challenging questions about bias and transparency in contemporary machine learning (ML).  In my Ph.D. project, I strive to operationalise critical bias analysis in order to both investigate biases in literature as well as avoiding reinforcing existing structures. It is a twofold project where bias analysis will build on Data Feminism and Critical Data Studies and the operationalisation and implementation of this analysis will build on state-of-the-art interpretability models for deep neural networks.  

My academic background is a BSc in Computer Science and a BA in Philosophy from Aarhus University. Most recently I have been enrolled in a master's program of Science-Technology-Society at the University of Vienna. This is an interdisciplinary and research-oriented program with a focus on the complex relations between science, technology, and society. I will finish my master’s degree in Information Science at Aarhus University. I hope that my background can help to bridge the gap which sometimes exists between humanist domain knowledge and operationalized technical expertise. 

Ida Marie S. Lassen, Ph.D