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Isabela Noronha - New Guest Researcher at Centre for Environmental Humanities

New face at IMC

Isabela Noronha

Isabela Noronha is a PhD candidate in Environment and Society at Unicamp, Brazil, with an interdisciplinary background in engineering and social-environmental issues. During her Masters she has worked with landless women farmers and their relationship with the earth they labour, looking to this relationship of everyday practises and particular temporality through the lenses of care and ecofeminism. 

Her current research concerns the politics and relations regarding gold mining residues in Paracatu, Brazil, as well as its categorization and consequences. The purpose is to follow the byproducts of the biggest Brazilian gold mine in order to describe its processes of creation and the practises it entangles, as well as the controversies and conflicts it produces. She articulates the fields of environmental humanities, social studies of science and specifically the waste studies to think about the residues as a polyvalent concept that goes through categorization politics that can vary according to context, areas of knowledge and temporal scales.