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Kristoffer L. Nielbo appointed permanent Associate Professor

Center for Humanities Computing Aarhus

2021.01.29 | Anne-Mette Pedersen

From February 1st 2021 Kristoffer L. Nielbo has been appointed permanent Associate Professor in Humanities Computing, Kristoffer has a PhD from the study of religion and is the director  of Center for Humanities Computing Aarhus

Kristoffer and IMC has had an on and off relationship over the years, as he has moved between eScience at University of Southern Denmark, UCLA's Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics, and Aarhus. In his research, Kristoffer applies computer modeling and exploratory data analysis to the cultural information space that encompasses human behaviour. He currently works on automated quality of assessment of narratives and change detection in news media, and he looks forward to promoting interactive high-performance computing at AU.



Kristoffer Laigaard Nielbo, Associate Professor, director
Interacting Minds Centere and
Center for Humanities Computing Aarhus