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Meet our new Research Assistant - Trupthi Karanth Ramadeva

New face at IMC

Photo of Trupthi Karanth Ramadeva

Trupthi Karanth Ramadeva is a Research Assistant at the Interacting Minds Centre (IMC) working on the project ‘Mechanisms of Madness: Computationally (de)Constructing Delusions’. Her work primarily involves understanding delusions from a computational perspective to design and develop a behavioural task suitable to capture the intricacies of the genesis and maintenance of delusion. During her Erasmus+ Traineeship at ILAB, IMC earlier this year, she worked on reviewing the philosophical and computational cognitive frameworks of delusions.

Trupthi obtained her MSc in Neuroscience from the University of Oldenburg, Germany. During her studies, she engaged in various research endeavours, including topics such as individual differences, morality during crises, embodied mind-wandering and neurophysiological fingerprints. She is passionate about computational psychiatry, neurological disorders, and neuroethics, and additionally, she aspires to communicate science through her art.