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Mette Løvschal in New Video Interview

Today's winner of Aarhus University's Phd award, Mette Løvschal is featured in a new video where she talks about her work "Lines in the Landscape - Boundaries of the Mind". (In Danish)

Mette Løvschal talks about Lines in the Landscape in new video

Mette Løvschal: Phd-award winner 2015

Aarhus University Research Foundation's PhD Awards were given in connection with the Award ceremony at Aarhus University on 28 May 2015. Mette Løvschal was one out of five award winners. All five winners are presented on this web page. This year was the 13th time the award has been presented. According to the Research Foundation "the award functions as an additional recognition of the remarkable efforts these PhD scholars have made in their research and the dissemination hereof."

We here at IMC congratulate Mette with the award and applaud her for her remarkable efforts!