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Peter Thestrup Waade, PhD Student

New face at IMC

From 1st February 2021 Peter Thestrup Waade is a new PhD Student at IMC.

I am Peter Thestrup Waade, a fully fledged CogSci student now turned PhD student for Chris Mathys and Riccardo Fusaroli. I’m going to be doing modelling work, for starters getting a proper hang of active inference and Free Energy Principle approaches, currently using it in a simulation project about multi-scale dynamics and relations between beliefs of a group and its members. In the long term, the aim is to try and bridge this technical/scientific world with work from the humanities, for example trying to simulate paradigm shift-like dynamics in groups of agents that make inferences about their world and each other. I also plan to go to China – I speak Chinese and am fond of the place, and hope to collaborate with some people I know there from my exchange semester. Using modelling with experimental data is certainly also on the agenda. But for now, the focus is going to be getting on top of the math and the programming of the active inference approach before I try and mix it with other things – and to get to know the people at IMC properly, of course (once we come home from tiny, online rooms all day!).

All the best – and looking forward to being around!


Contextualizing Confidence: An Empirical Investigation of Socially Contingent Self-Beliefs

Main Supervisor:
Chris Mathys, Associate Professor

Peter Thestrup Waade, PhD student